Resources to Help You Increase Performance in Life, Work or Sport

Here you will find some of my free and paid for resources or mind tools to help you increase your performance and get better results in life, work or in your sport.

Please note that you do NOT need to subscribe to get these tools (Even the free ones). Why? Well, I know it goes against everything I know about marketing and against what everyone else is doing right now.

But you get enough emails. Besides, I am not going to be emailing you. You can subscribe to my blog where I include any information of any coaching offers or new courses. Or you can bookmark my site or simply remember robert dash hamilton dot com. That’s not too difficult is it now?

Anyway all of these resources are designed to help you. There will be more mind tools coming in the near future, so do make sure you come back from time to time.

The Performance Grid Tool – FREE  

This is a simple but extremely powerful tool to use to help you increase your performance or expertise and therefore get better results.

This is the tool I use with many of my clients to help them perform at their very best. It can be used for virtually anything you do, sport, work, sales, business, winning a promotion, going for gold, setting new personal records etc.

Comes with full instructions and a separate Power Grid that you can download and fill in.

Get the Power Grid Performance Tool Here FREE

The Wheel of Life – FREE

This is an exceptional resource to use to give you clarity in all areas of your life including relationships, work, health, money, business, family and friends.

Comes complete with a Wheel of Life and instructions and 15 power questions you can ask yourself to gain even deeper clarity of where you are in life.

Grab your The Wheel of Life Chart and Instructions Here FREE

Build Rock Solid Self Confidence Paid – 60% Off

This is 8 insightful and powerful online lessons so you can build rock solid self confidence in less than 5 minutes a day! Course includes how to anchor a confident state so you can feel powerful at anytime whenever you need it.

Readers of my blogs (Which means you) get a whopping 60% off. There is a short FREE intro video that you can watch to help you decide. If you want to harness your self-confidence then this course is for you.

You can learn on any device.

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