How do You Treat the Janitor?

Are you nice to everyone you meet? I don’t mean work colleagues or friends; that’s easy. But what about strangers? Are you polite to them? And what about those people whom you may think are ‘beneath’ you? How are you towards janitors, cleaners, waiters or waitresses, bin men or garbage workers? What about the unemployed?

Can Thinking Big Be Bad For You?

Yes and no is the short answer. But in an attempt to make this blog a little more interesting than just seven words, I shall explain why it can be. We are all told to dream big and have a grand vision in life or business and I think we should. As the great essayist

We All Want This, Don’t We?

You wrote a great status up-date on Facebook this morning at about 11 am. By 11.10 am you have checked 5 times on how many likes and comments you have. When the response is good we feel great. Then throughout the day we are back at regular intervals of say every five minutes, glowing in

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Robert D Hamilton

Robert D Hamilton

Robert is a published author and expert mind coach. A certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy™ and Life Enhancement Coach (Dip). Rob has studied the mind and performance for 30 years.

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