We All Want This, Don’t We?

You wrote a great status up-date on Facebook this morning at about 11 am. By 11.10 am you have checked 5 times on how many likes and comments you have. When the response is good we feel great. Then throughout the day we are back at regular intervals of say every five minutes, glowing in

Where Will You be in 5 Years?

You know I ask many people that question in my line of work. The answers vary from person to person. However, the theme running through most of the replies is the same: They simply don’t know. To emphasize the point that they should, I cut the time frame down to 3 years, then 1 year.

Are You Living up to Your Label?

The image we hold of ourselves is of vital importance. Why? Because we live up to that image. In psychology terms this living up to the image of ourselves is called the self –consistency theory. What this means is that however we see ourselves, we will act in a manner that is consistent with that persistent

How I Crawled out of Adversity

I thought I would kick off my blogging over here on this brand new site with a post I wrote, oh about 4 months ago. I am using this as my first re-post (Please see my first post) so any new followers can have an instant feel of what I write and why I have

What’s in a Name?

I have been blogging for over a year now and I decided it was time for a change-so I have changed the domain name (Is that wise? I have no idea. Just that everyone in the blogging sphere tells you to keep posting away to get your followers…) Formerly I was blogging away under my

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There are no comments on my posts because I have disabled them. However, please feel free to share, or email me with any comments or thoughts, thanks.

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