Everything is a Choice

You are where you are in life, wherever that place maybe, because of the choices you have made in your past; they have led you to the exact circumstances you now find yourself in. It therefore makes sense that the choices you make today (And tomorrow) will determine where you will be this time next

Knowing is Better

The other day I was transferring a photo from my Samsung S4 to my Mac Book Pro. Both devices are connected through the ether; we know it as bluetooth. It took about 3 or 4 seconds only to reach my Mac. The same photo, sent to another phone on the other wide of the world

Do You have a Hero?

Having a hero can help you in various ways and in different aspects of your life. Especially if you do not have access to a personal coach or mentor. Obviously, the latter is the better of the two choices. However, for quick boosts of encouragement or insight, a hero can be of immense personal value

Why I Slap My Clients in the Face

Now before you go thinking I am some kind of masochistic thug-type coach and wonder just what type of mentoring and coaching business I run, let me inform you that I don’t mean all my clients. Just some of them. And they get slapped hard-real hard. Yes, I am talking metaphorically. I do the mental

The Man Who Shaved off His Goatee

In my last blog post I talked about how the mind can and does, strenuously resist changes that you attempt to make in your life. It likes, or rather loves passionately, to keep everything familiar. The mind does not want to change even if those changes are for the betterment of your mental, emotional or

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There are no comments on my posts because I have disabled them. However, please feel free to share, or email me with any comments or thoughts, thanks.

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Robert Hamilton

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