Change Your Thinking and Everything is Possible

If you are not getting what you want on a consistent basis, it will be down to how you think most of the time.

Everything starts in the mind. Your outer world (results) is a direct reflection of your inner world (Your most-of-the-time-thinking).

So if you can change how and what you think, anything becomes possible. I have proved this to myself and my clients over and over again.

It’s Not Your Fault

Your past and current conditioning is to blame if you have goals and dreams that seem to be escaping you.

Garbage has been dumped into your unconscious mind that needs removing and replacing with thought patterns that will get you what you do want.

My 51 years of studying people and 28 years researching the mind, empowers me to quickly identify what outdated mental software has been downloaded by outside forces in to your mind.

I then use this wealth of experience and expertise to upload new mind strategies that will work personally for you.

Once you have these and they are blended with inspiration and action anything becomes possible.

You will quite literally change your results. Life will never be the same again. Goals and dreams become a reality.

And I assure you, that is truly wonderful.

Your Mind

Unleash the Power in Your Mind

Your mind has immense, unstoppable power. Everything you have achieved, the way your life or results are right now, is a consequence of what is going on inside your head.

Once you learn how to master this powerhouse it will get you anything you desire.

No Inner Enemy

Contrary to popular belief there is no inner enemy within you. Your mind, even that doubting inner voice that speaks to you often, are not purposely trying to sabotage you.

They are, in their own unique way, getting you exactly what they have been instructed to get you. Your mind is simply carrying out what you think most of the time.

That’s why by changing your thinking you will soon change your results. It is obvious that if what you have been thinking and doing are not getting you the desired results then something has to change, right?

3 Steps to Change


Think & Believe

The 1st step in getting what you want is changing what you think and believe most of the time. The majority of this is happening on an unconscious level. I will root them out and remove these destructive patterns.

“Before you can achieve anything on the outside it must be first achieved on the inside”


You cannot simply get what you want by thinking positive. You must also act. Until your new thinking patterns form into habits, you have to take action that is congruent with your thinking. Once your unconscious mind accepts your new thinking strategy, it will compel you to act the right way every time.


Changing Your Results

Once you start thinking, talking and acting in a way that is different to how you have been, the improvement in your results are sudden, dramatic and automatic.  For entrenched limiting thought patterns that have been holding you back for a long time, it takes roughly 3 months to see tangible results. Intangible results, like attitude and perspective can be instant. And so can some results.


I had ONE breakthrough session with Rob. Within 2 minutes he knew that the only thing I needed was a boost in confidence! He did that (I don’t know how he never mentioned the word afterwards) and it was incredible! I suddenly started feeling unstoppable. I have gained tons new prospects because now I can speak to anyone, confidently! With my new found courage I have started another passion – writing for other people!

David Lee, MLM Pro, Entrepreneur, Writer

Rob is amazing! After being in the tennis wilderness I spent just over 3 hours with him some 3 years ago. In 3 months I skyrocketed from #324 in the world rankings to #15! I haven’t stopped winning! 11 titles later and I am still winning. Not only is Rob’s coaching fast, it is powerful and long lasting. I must add that he also helped me in my life too. I now feature in MEN’S FITNESS magazines. Go see this remarkable coach he will get you winning again.

Sean Lai Kok Seng, Senior Tennis Pro


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About Rob

Robert D Hamilton

After suddenly becoming ambitious at the later age of 27, I worked tirelessly for 3 years to become successful. Despite my hard work I just couldn’t increase my income or my levels of success.

Then I discovered that it was my thinking strategies that were holding me back. I went on a quest to learn all I could about the mind, the unconscious mind and how successful, happy people think on a consistent basis.

So I used self-hypnosis, subliminal recordings and affirmations for over a year to reprogramme my mind. And it worked.

I started earning the income I had dreamed about, achieved the best results in my work globally, built winning teams, enjoyed exotic travel and climbed the corporate ladder to the very top. I also became an author.

Now, I blend my 51 years of studying people with the strategies I have learned over 27 years that transform people’s lives and results and change their thinking strategies within hours.

I am deeply passionate about what I do.

Some Other Things About Me

  • I am a published author (Ignite The Spark, Explode Your Results)
  • NLP Practitioner (ABNLP), Timeline Therapistâ„¢, Life Enhancement Coach (Dip)
  • Studied people for 51 years, Self Development for 28 years, the mind for 30 years
  • Achieved CEO and Group Business Director status from scratch
  • Performed Mind Seminars in 4 different continents
  • Guest speaker at the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Convention
  • Appeared on live TV, radio and appeared in many newspapers and magazines
  • Currently writing 2nd book

I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to get you your breakthrough too. I live by the mantra, anything really is possible and have proved this both to my clients and myself.


Here’s What You Get and What You Pay

When you get coached you are receiving the experience of my 51 years of studying people and my 28 years of researching the mind, the unconscious mind how people think and how people who get what they want think.

Here’s What You Get

Transform Your Life in 90 Days

For old thinking patterns to be overridden with new thought strategies it takes the mind about 90 days to adapt and adopt them. It takes time.

But guess what? 90 days are going to pass anyway. It is your choice if you want to be in a different place at the end of them.

  • 10 x 90 minute sessions (15 hours) over 90 days either via skype, whatsapp video or face-to-face
  • 5 x 20 minute telephone calls (For those quick inspirational or motivational moments you may need
  • 1 x 60 minute follow-up session after month 4

If you require just a quick and powerful breakthrough session please contact me to discuss. Breakthrough Session is 1 x 90 minute face to face or video call.

Here’s What You Pay

You pay a one off fee of just USD 2,776

(You may pay by instalments of two or 3 over the 3 months. All fees are paid in advance without exception)

Invest in yourself. How much is the rest of your life worth?

If you really feel my fees are out of your reach or you aren’t ready to change your life just yet, please search my extensive blog library. There are over 200 posts on varying topics and you may well find an answer there.

In the first instance, please contact me below or email me now at;


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