What To Do If You Hate Your Job – 2 Simple Tips

According to virtually every major scrap of research from the planet a high number of people hate their job. In fact it is the majority of people who find themselves stuck doing something they dislike. Here are some figures I read recently regarding # of people unhappy in their work or job. A whopping 74%

To All The Great Dad’s, Happy Fathers Day

So today is Father’s day, a time to recognise our dads; the first hero in our lives or the first love, depending on whether you are male or female. I hope you are taking the time to visit them and if that’s not feasible, call them. Create those memories that later in life you can

Forget Quitting, Think Sticking

Most first time growers of bamboo often call the garden centre where they bought it and ask the same question. “Why isn’t my bamboo growing?” They have been nurturing it, watering it and tending to it for months. But the bamboo just sits there and does nothing. Not one spurt of growth or expansion has

10 Things Happy People Refuse to Do

Everybody on the planet wants to be happy right? Research suggests that around 40% of our happiness is under our control and the rest is determined by outside factors. I disagree with this number because I still think we can be happy in the majority of circumstances we find ourselves in because it depends on