I love stories of success. I read about them often, especially when they contain how people have overcome adversity. They inspire me.

Recently on Facebook I came across someone on my friends list who gave a talk in Perth, Australia at an entrepreneurial event about her story. Now I wasn’t there to listen so I messaged her and asked if she could share her story with me so I could share it with you.

And here it is, how she wrote it to me. I have not edited the content but only changed it into paragraphs. I have italicised certain parts that I think stand out in her story, but you may have your own interpretations.

I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me. At the end I give you my thoughts.

“Hi Robert. You inquired about my story and asked if you could use it to inspire others. Sure! Feel free to edit- it’s a bit long winded!

I grew up in Perth, West Australia. In my early 20s I thought the world was my oyster, that the future was so bright that I could do or be anything. And then the reality of life hit in my mid 20’s when I had a series of jobs I absolutely hated. I was a travel agent, a recruitment consultant, and a tele-marketer among other things. I had to deal with rude customers and rude bosses, like so many of us stuck in our “job-servitude”.

I met my husband in my late 20s. He was very entrepreneurial and soon we built up a wrought iron company. On the outside we looked successful, but the reality was that we were extremely stressed. We had 10 employees. I had a full time job as a school teacher by day, and every night and weekend I would work at the factory doing all the paperwork. We then had a major falling out with our business partner. There was a lot of stress, legal threats and even death threats made against us. After selling that business (and making virtually nothing because the tax man took it all), we started another business making outdoor kitchens.

Again, it appeared to be hugely successful, and we expanded factories 4 times over 5 years, but the stress was enormous. We were also sued by a competitor and the legal battle through federal court cost us close to half a million dollars. We refinanced our house 4 times over that 5 years, mostly to pay legal bills. We had 2 beautiful daughters, but we were so busy running the business that we barely spend time with them. Having a business felt like having shackles around our ankles. At least with a job we could have quit and walked away, but with a business we were stuck.

Eventually the stress became too much for my husband. He suicided in September 2010. The next year was extremely stressful as I had to look after my 2 daughters aged 1 and 4, as well as the business. Also my husband didn’t have a will which added to the stress, and I had to sell our house. Luckily we had a business partner, so I decided to hand the business over to him and walk away.

Everyone said I was crazy because I walked away with no money, but it was the best decision I ever made. It was like the chains had finally been released from my ankles. I ended up with Chronic Fatigue, which was a blessing because it meant that I had to stay home with my kids. When I got back on my feet of course went back into employment and ended up in a job that kept me away from my kids…again! My boss didn’t even let me take a day off to go to my daughter’s sports carnival. That was the last straw for me. I was determined to do whatever it took to be home with my kids.

I wanted to be my own boss, but this time without employees or overheads. I knew I needed a mentor to help me and encourage me. And then I found Paul Counsel. After 6 months of learning from Paul (learning technical IT skills and building my self- belief) I quit my job. I now earn income from over 10 different sources on the internet.

Life is fantastic and I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I live life on my terms now and I feel totally free. I get to catch up with my friends for a coffee. I go and read a book in the park whenever I like. And most importantly, I walk my kids to and from school every single day, and I spend every afternoon and weekend with them. No more guilt. And no more living a life of servitude, chained by bosses or clients.”

Isn’t that just tragic yet incredible and inspiring? Well, I think so and I am sure you do too.

My thoughts

Monica’s desire was obviously to work for herself and have her own business. But it was at the huge expense of not including her values, passion and purpose. Any business you have must be congruent with these.

Some of these form your Why’s. When you have a strong reason for wanting to do something that is in sync with who you are, a strong why can get you over almost any how. The work that you do in your business is less stressful, because you have meaning.

A good coach or mentor can accelerate your journey to achievement

(This is why Monica is completely happy now)

Winners and optimists, which Monica clearly is, are also susceptible to adversity just as pessimists are, but the big difference is that winners and optimists are more willing to try again. Monica has tried again several times.

Her determination is outstanding. She looked at adversity as a ‘blessing’ (Chronic fatigue) as it allowed her to spend more time with her children. In NLP we refer to this as ‘reframing’ the situation we find ourselves in.

Monica then realised that for her to fulfill her dreams she would be better off finding herself a mentor, which she did in Paul Counsel. Mentors or coaches can speed up your process to success. Winners realise that going it alone is not always the way to do it and that rather than viewing outside helps as a sign of weakness, seeking help is actually a strength; it is the best course of action you can take.

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Thank you Monica for sharing your story. From me personally, I admire your strength, courage and ‘never give up’ attitude. I wish you more success and most of all, happiness as you live the life of your dreams.

Never forget what it took to get you where you are now. You may well think “How on earth could I?” Yet our subconscious mind can still stir up traumas from our past and take us back to former states we once lived in. Be ever watchful and mindful.

To my readers, I put forth this question (I don’t wish to appear harsh);

What is stopping you from seeking the success and happiness you so richly deserve?

Anything really IS possible. You have all the resources available in you too. A good coach will help you find these and then unleash them.

NB: Paul Counsel is an excellent Mentor. He lives in Perth, Australia and he occasionally does online webinars that could help you too.

I look at myself as the insightful coach you see before you go to somebody like Paul. I coach you to start walking and jogging, when you have been bedridden; I give you that much needed kick-start. Paul will then you show you how to run.

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