I want to share a personal experience with you if that’s ok? Good. And thank you.

If you are going through trying times, and this post is written on the premise that you are or may know someone who is, then it is my fervent wish that in some small way this can help you or the person you know and care about.

I must add that this particular blog is not a “How to….” but rather contains a simple, yet powerful truth that helped me. And I write it from my heart.

It is a post about hope.

You may be in your darkest hour right now and you may well feel that the world is against you. You could even be thinking that the inhabitants of this planet are against you too. You may think that nobody quite understands what you are going through, including those nearest and dearest. Or that your situation is unique only to you.

You may be contemplating giving up altogether; throwing the towel into the ring of life because you have just about had enough. You have past your breaking your point so to speak or you can see no end to it all.

So what can one do when life is relentlessly hurtling suffering in all its various, wicked ways?

You can hope.

5 or 6 years ago now, I cannot remember exactly, I was ready to throw in the towel too. I do remember it was one of those cold, grey bleak winter days in England when I decided that I had had enough. I was in on my own and I thought I would end it all. This came to me out of the blue. I hadn’t prepared for it or purposely waited for everyone to be out. I saw it as a way to stop the emotional pain, the frustration, the internal anger and deep anxiety. I was very calm about it, almost relieved to have found a solution.

I stripped the bed of one of the sheets and tied it to a bannister and pulled hard to see if it would take my weight. It would have done. I began tying the sheet around my neck with no thought whatsoever for the feelings of those who would find me and neither did the family and friends who loved me enter my mind. Not for a second. But this was only my option, I thought.

Hope breeds hope

I had been ‘labelled’ a couple of years earlier with severe depression and having swapped, stopped and started different strengths of drugs to ‘cure’ me I do believe (In my personal circumstances) that at that time I had actually ‘lost my mind’.

The sheet was wrapped firmly around my throat and I was about to tie a knot that I thought would not come undone under my recently acquired increased weight and was about to jump.

Call it divine intervention or whatever you wish (I believe in God, I call it divine) but it was like I actually heard two small phrases whispered in my ear.

“Never give up hope Robert” was the first. It was quite piercing because it sounded so real. But Like I say (And what you could rightly think) I wasn’t thinking clearly. But it stopped me in my tracks, momentarily.

“Everything happens for a reason” was the second whisper. This one, obviously, did stop me. It was so powerful that I suddenly became overcome with fear incase I did plunge.

I didn’t recognise this whisper, but it stopped me from taking my own life-just in time too. From that instant I started to hope. It was a small ounce of hope but nonetheless it was a starting point. That ever so small piece of hope changed my life.

It wasn’t easy cultivating this hope and it took time. My depression didn’t simply vanish into thin air-divine intervention or not. I took action. Maybe you could say I was cooperating with hope; doing my part the best I could, one bit at a time.

Miracles began to appear. They too were small in stature at first. But as my hope grew so did the miracles get bigger.

hope for better times

Hope gives you access to those miracles

I didn’t know what that reason was for nearly 4 years after this event by the way. But sometimes you can’t hurry or force life. Now I coach people. I help people get out of ruts, see things in a new, empowering perspective. I help them achieve more of what they want, but without getting stressed and still able to appreciate the things in life that matter most. And I suppose you could say I give people confidence and hope. Or rather I help them discover it all for themselves.

My personal experience of depression and subsequent research led me to believe that one major cause of it is because people cannot see a route to getting what they want or achieving their goals when everyone around appears to be doing so (The timing of not being able to see how to achieve goals a better life etc, and it resulting in depression can vary, is my personal view).

Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible – Unknown

But my message for you is simple: Please, don’t give up hope. There is always a way out of what you are going through-always. It may not be apparent – right now – what that way is. Your path may well be hidden from view. But if you can cling to some hope that there is a way out of what you are going through, that is a great start. It does not matter how miniscule that hope is. If you can believe in hope, it will grow. Hope breeds hope, I say. Hope gives you access to miracles.

Also, there just might be a way that you can help others get over or through their experiences by sharing how you have coped? We live in a new world where people are actively seeking answers to their problems. I would hazard a guess that what you are going through is not that unique either (It’s the way we view what is happening that makes it unique). There are others in the same position as you. Like I say, my experience of being depressed and getting over it and becoming happier, and an author and doing what I love, were born when I was in a black pit of adversity. Perhaps this could happen for you too? It can if you can hope for better things.

If you can muster up a speck of hope, cling to it, nurture it, grow it- you too could be experiencing a different, happier and more contented life soon. Hope will help you get clear in your mind that you are also worthy of having what you want. And you are worthy of what you want and more. It will help you see that you are not doomed. You are not unlucky. You are not fated to live a life of strife.

That tiny piece of hope will help you build the life you want. It will lead to a beautiful place where you will see that there are indeed endless possibilities and miracles in abundance for you too.

Never give up hope. Ever.


(Please do share this post if you think it will help anyone. They will appreciate it, thank you)