Imagine if you opened tomorrows papers or read an article online about you and your life, the business you run or how you perform at work, what do you think they would write? What if they were reporting about you as a person, your character and how you deal and interact with others, would you be proud? Just what exactly would the reporter have written? Would you be happy with the content?

What would they say about your achievements and dreams? Did you give them a good go? Did you achieve them all? Some of them?

Asking yourself these questions and answering them without your head in the sand, can be a great indicator of how well you are doing. Whether or not you are on track, living your life purposely and at least trying to achieve your dreams and goals.

I would ask you to really give this exercise some serious thought and write down your answers.

If, being completely honest with yourself, you are getting answers that you don’t like, then maybe it’s time to change and do something different?

writing about you

What would they write about you?

I once did this little powerful thinking tool on myself and I didn’t like the answers one little bit.

Here is what someone ‘wrote’ about me:

“He had some great dreams, but he never realized any of them. In fact, he didn’t even try. He didn’t really influence anyone outside of his own small network of friends. And even they weren’t inspired by him. Of course he had friends that liked him and his family loved him. Half of the people he knew liked the fact he was not trying to achieve big things. The other half recognized his dreams were slowly eroding away with the passage of time.

“His is a life that was wasted. So much talent, energy and hidden potential that was never even tapped into. He could have made a big difference if he had only tried and at least given it a shot. Like so many other people, his early dreams of living a rich and inspiring life were put to the back of his mind after a few small, early set backs in life which made him think that the good things in life were not meant for him. They remained in a dark cupboard of his mind until he finally knew it was really too late to start. It never dawned on Robert that all the resources lay within his own mind to get whatever he wanted.

His wisdom, talents and charisma could have helped so many people but those earlier setbacks from his past had conditioned him not to look the fool ever again in the eyes of ‘others’. He mistakenly thought that all other successful people possessed some sort of Divine right; or were fated to become the achievers they were. He also wrongly thought that his future was constantly being shaped by his past, his upbringing. He never discovered that he could have carved out a completely different, successful, fulfilling and happier life simply by giving it a go.”

This shocked me into action. I decided to change. I chose to give it a go.

Depending on the answers you honestly give will determine whether or not you are heading in the right direction.

You can make a difference in this world. For yourself, your family, loved ones, friends, community and even the world.

You just have to give it a go and believe that anything really is possible.