Today I am inspired to write about the power of our mind-and that means, your mind. That inspiration comes from my beautiful wife, Haslina, after she visited the doctor’s surgery following a recent blood test.

The usual text message was received, “You need to come in and discuss your results”. So off she went. After a long chat with our wonderful doctor the prognosis is that she has ridiculously low red blood cells. This can be a common cause of anemia and this explains her recent bouts of over-tiredness despite her new health and exercising regime.

I knew something was wrong when she came back from the gym. After a few visits I could see and sense an uncharacteristic lethargy in her. But I’m not a doctor; hence the blood test.

So after her medication, supplements and new diet she must now adhere to, I softly reminded her how the mind can also play a major part in her wellbeing too.

I told her of the time I was diagnosed with (and subsequently labelled with), Gilbert’s Disease; some kind of malfunction of the liver if my memory serves me correctly. But I used my mind to help me. A fair number of further blood tests over many years have revealed no anomaly in my bilirubin levels.

Could the first test have been a mistake? Could they have got it wrong? I don’t know, maybe. Or did my mind truly heal me? Again, I am not sure and cannot be 100%.

So I also told her of the time after I had an horrific car accident and suffered two fractures of my pelvis (That was a blessing, I can tell you. If you had seen how bad the car was crushed I was lucky to get out alive).

Anyway, long stories short, I remember the day I went for physiotherapy. Well, rather the second day; the first day I didn’t make it out of my wheelchair. My physio told me I would have one of three kinds of limps when I was walking again. He proceeded to do an impromptu impression in front of me.

the mind can heal

Our mind is powerful

I vowed right there and then and said defiantly to myself, “There is no way on this earth I am going to limp. So you can go take your impressions and stick ’em where the sun don’t shine

I used the power of my mind, my unconscious mind, to set about restoring my pelvis back to full health. Six weeks later, just as I had pictured, I was not limping. And further more, my surgeon was holding up my x-rays and declaring how quite staggered he was and how wonderful it was for me to have healed so quickly. Something else I held clearly in my mind.

I have since met 6 or 7 other people who have had pelvis fractures and all but one limped.

Is the mind really this powerful? Can it really heal you? I believe so. We have all read and heard of countless stories over the past couple of decades or so. All real life examples of the mind overcoming otherwise fatal diseases.

Before this time, a great Dr. Joseph Murphy was writing about it in his marvelous book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

Maybe you have your own inspiring stories of self-healing? I would love to hear about them if you do. Feel free to email me or comment here.

So remember, your mind is capable of more than we perhaps think it is. Its powers are unlimited I think. If you learn to tap into them, and use them, anything really is possible.