Maybe It’s Not Your Time You Need To Manage?

Yes, you will have noticed that this week I’m back to writing a blog. Depending on how you prefer to view my posts, the vblogs will be showing up on a screen in front of you soon.

Anyway, on with the blog.

There are many distractions around us. You will be aware of them yourself, I’m sure. The web is one of the major and most guilty of culprits because it partly satisfies a human longing; connection to and with, other people. Just think Facebook.

Then we have online games. These can be highly damaging to blocking us from getting what we want. I fell prey to one in particular a few years ago when I was going through hell. The problem with these games is that they become addictive because they give you some kind of small ‘win’ as you play. You beat an opponent, get to the next level, defeat an opposing team or find some treasure or unlock another player. Most often, cleverly designed this way so you pay to upgrade.

Each time you win, even if the triumph is small, the middle of your brain produces one of the happy endorphins (Chemicals) which obviously, makes you feel good. Your brain then wants more and more. Look at it simply, who doesn’t want to feel good? We all do.

Anyway, that is a whole new subject for a whole new blog that I may do another time.

Then we have the TV, still a major, cunning force in the art of distraction. Feeling the need to tune in and see who has been voted off the ‘reality’ show. Or those compelling series that leave you on a cliffhanger…

Until next week.

We have well meaning friends who want to socialize with us or take us out clubbing or drinking.

On top of all this we have our needs and obligations to fulfill. We have a rent or a mortgage that needs paying, a partner to lovingly tend to (Oh no, the birthday card!), kids to look after and taxi here, there and everywhere (Oh the joy of that one). And, we may have family that need our care and attention too.

So it takes an awful lot of self discipline to focus on our goals and what we want. Now, believe it or not, I am no android and I fall foul of some these from time to time too. I do my utmost however, to become consciously aware of how I discipline myself.

Yes, self-discipline is a pre-requisite for success or for getting what you want. The ability to set aside most of these short term, alluring, tempting distractions that bombard us incessantly is a skill. It’s an art form. And it takes huge doses of discipline.

I constantly ask myself questions or bring my mind back to focus as much as I can, to help me combat what would otherwise serve me no use in not only getting me what I want in the longer term; but also what will make me far happier, more successful and even healthier, over time.

During the day I will quite often say to myself, ‘back to the task at hand’. This can help me get my brain back in gear.

Sometimes I ask myself, ‘Will this activity lead me towards my goals or away from them?’ or, ‘Do I really need to be doing this right now?’

On a weekly and monthly basis I will ask, ‘Did I spend my time as wisely as I could have done? What can I do less of tomorrow or next week or next month that isn’t such a waste of time?’

‘Did I truly spend enough time taking actions that are necessary to get me what I want?’ Of course, I can lie. But what’s the point in deluding myself?

I find it strange when people tell me they don’t have the time to get what they want.

Usually, it is how they manage their daily distractions and not their time, that is where they need to do better.

Instant gratification is only good for the short term. It does nothing for where you want to be next year or in two years time. A life lived on this short-term fix can lead to long term problems, including depression.

Be strong enough to cut out as many distractions as you can during your day and week and month and year.

You’ll achieve a lot more for it and be far happier in the process.

Coach Robert

Robert is an author and has built a sought-after reputation as The Mind Reading Coach because of how quickly he knows what mental obstacles are holding people back. He has climbed into the minds of TV Celebrities, sports pro's, authors, millionaires, entrepreneurs, artists and other amazing folk from 33 different countries.

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