Can life coaching help you achieve your wildest dreams? Can it positively impact your mental wellbeing and physical health? Can it make you happier? Can you work and perform better after just a few sessions?

The answer to all those questions is a resounding, yes you can.

And it might be easier than you think.

Live Big Life Coaching – What Is Possible

Everybody, and I do mean everybody, deserves to live big or bigger. Success does not discriminate.

You have God-given gifts, in something.

These talents should be used by you rather than being suppressed.

Let me give you a few examples.

  • It could be that you have a great singing voice. Plucking up the courage and going for it would bring pleasure and joy to other people
  • You maybe good with numbers meaning you could use that gift to help entrepreneurs balance their books and be successful in business
  • Perhaps you are good at gardening – it could be your calling to create serene, beautiful places for others, places where they can de-stress
  • You could have great leadership skills and therefore your purpose is to lead others onto their greatness

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but setting it too low and hitting the mark” Michaelangelo

Yes, I am telling you you have greatness within. Unlock that greatness and harness it and your whole life changes for the better.

Please note: Whenever I refer to success I am not talking solely about money or material things. But rather doing what you love, being fulfilled, feeling stress free, experiencing more happiness and contributing to humanity.

So Why Don’t People Use Their Talents and Live Big?

There can be a number of reasons why people do not reach their full potential and live as big as they should. It could be any one of the below list or a combination of two or three.

  • A sense of, I am not worthy to succeed, be rich, write a song, consult to businesses, create luscious gardens, have a loving relationship
  • A lack of self-confidence – self-confidence gives us the courage to act on the dreams we have
  • The inability to set goals and how to achieve them
  • A lack of personal belief in ourselves and our unique abilities
  • No clarity
  • Many fears – of success, failure, what others think etc
  • Not knowing, specifically, what our unique talents are
  • No real purpose in life

What a Good Life Coach Will Do With You

When you see a life coach, she or he will be able to identify what exactly is stopping you from achieving and then give you the tools to remove those blocks out of your way. It is like clearing the pathway for you.

Your coach will be a fresh pair of eyes. They will be able to see what you and maybe those who are close to you, cannot see. They are able to give you feedback on your progress. He or she can be your cheerleader, your corner man or woman.

Anything Really IS Possible – Robert D Hamilton

They can offer fresh and different perspectives on the obstacles that life throws at us, changing your perception, which in turn changes your reality.

And most importantly they will help you unlock those vast reserves of unused potential within. And when you tap into that inner ocean, you suddenly see that anything really is possible.

Life coaching has helped me live and achieve some of my best dreams along with hundreds of my clients.

My breakthrough coaching, which entails providing my client with a different perspective on an issue or challenge that is really getting in their way of living big, has had instant results for them.

Living Well

Life coaching should be ecological at all times. This means it should have the best interests of the client at all times – and of those they love. It should promote living healthily.

This doesn’t mean that all life coaches should provide physical health coaching, there are coaches that specialise in that area of expertise.

But the coaching should actively promote mental wellbeing at all times.

Stress – The Biggest Plague Today

I am not going to share the stats on stress here, but a quick Google search will instantly reveal how bad this mental disease is. It’s huge. And left unchecked can lead to

  • Depression
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Self-harming,
  • Drug abuse and binge-drinking
  • Overeating and obesity

And many, many other mental and physical illnesses including, according to new research, some cancers.

Experts say stress is the scourge of the 21st century

The world health organisation cites stress as the #1 cause for billions of lost working days and is the biggest factor in the loss of physical health on the planet right now.

Stress doesn’t care about age, gender, race or income. It does not pick and choose who to attack or who will be its next victim.

With life coaching you can achieve your dreams and virtually eliminate harmful stress from your life permanently – no matter what life throws at you.

How can life coaching do this?

The #1 trigger of stress is not necessarily what happens to us in life or how we react to it.

The biggest cause of stress is under-achievement and a lack of personal growth.

In other words, everybody wants to live bigger, but most do not know how to get there or possess the tools they need. It is in our nature to grow and evolve.

The majority of people on the planet would all like to be doing more, being more or having more – of something

Having goals, a purpose bigger than us and a way to fulfil those aims, will really reduce the stress in our lives by helping us to grow and progress.

Our stumbling blocks prevent us from achieving what we want. When we aren’t achieving or striving, we are stagnating.

Stagnation causes stress.

Again it is about perspective. Life is about who we become; how we grow and progress when we are pursuing our talents.

A change in perspective can really change your outlook in life

A client came to me once stressed out to the maximum. He was deeply frustrated at his apparent lack of achievements in life. He was 33 years old and married.

He felt a complete failure for not achieving the goals he had set himself when he was 20 or 21. In his mind, this mental stumbling block was not only holding him back, it was spilling over into other areas of his life (His marriage and current job) and causing him a deep sense of unhappiness.

All adding to his stress levels.

Reality and Perception

After just 25 minutes of me using insightful and powerful questioning techniques, this remarkable young man discovered for himself that he had actually achieved 4 of his 5 goals. 3 of them 2 and 3 years earlier and one 8 years previously!

Suddenly his perception of himself shifted. The reality was, he was an absolute high-achiever!

It was like watching the lid of a pressure cooker being released. His stress simply evaporated right before my eyes. He cried. And then he laughed – for about a full 2 minutes.

He hadn’t set his outcomes in the right way and therefore didn’t even know he had already reached them!

That session instantly and dramatically improved his life on so many levels. We set some new goals together, in the right way, and he left feeling elated. His stress had vanished.

In My Own Life

I once suffered severe depression brought on by stress. This experience gave me a mini stroke and left me with panic attacks. I beat depression and and have learned to recognise the warning signs of a panic attack and can stop them in their tracks.

I haven’t suffered one for over 10 years now 🙂

So this is why my life coaching is always geared towards anti-stress too. Just far too many people in this world, including our young people, are needlessly suffering.

Live Happy

I have been watching people since I was 4 years old. That is a full 52 years now. As I got older, I started to eavesdrop on conversations too. I still do. A massive chunk of those conversations I hear are not happy.

Most times people are moaning. About their jobs, work colleagues and other people. It is refreshing when my ears hear happy conversations but they are not as common as unhappy ones.

Should life be unhappy? Is anything worth us being unhappy about? I mean really?

The answer is no.

But I admit it is easier said than done for most folk.

The aim for any life coach should be to provide you with more life tools

I give my clients the life tools they need to achieve what they want, keep stress to a minimum and be happy.

You see the more tools you have in your life tool bag, the better choices you will be able to make when faced with different situations or circumstances.

A Wonderful Woman Called Barbara

Barbara arranged to see me about discussing her options for a career change.

As we chatted over Skype my intuition (blended with 52 years experience of studying people) told me to ask her about her family relationships and so I did. Right out of the blue.

It was then that she burst into tears and told me she hadn’t spoken to her Mum for over 10 years because she had said something that deeply offended her and she just couldn’t find it in herself to forgive her.

I didn’t ask her what was said. Instead, I asked what could have been her Mother’s possible good intention –  behind what was said.

After a few minutes and a few more questions, she found her answers.

This gave her a better understanding.

Instant Happiness

I then asked her to think back to what her Mother had spoken to her and asked her how she now felt and was she able to deal with it in another way.

This time, as she leaned down into her life tool bag she was able to pull out another choice; her best choice. She saw the incident in a totally different way.

She excused herself from the Skype call and went and called her Mother. We went back on Skype and re-scheduled the rest of her appointment. She was going to see her Mother.

Her whole demeanour the next time we spoke, had changed. She was happier. So much happier. And she changed careers to something she loved about 2 months later.

Life Coaching Can Help You Find That Happiness

So with an outstanding life coach – one who you have good rapport with – can help you become happier by simply adding more choices (Tools) into your life kit. They help you see things in different perspectives and deal with situations in a better way than before.

Nothing has any meaning other than the meaning you wish to give it – Confucius

If something is making you unhappy then change it. Life is far too short to be unhappy all the time.

Please don’t tell me it is different for you or you have a curveball or challenge thrown at you that nobody understands. I might not understand it, but somewhere inside you will. An outstanding coach will help you find the answers.

It all has to do with meaning. The meaning you place on what happens to you.

So Remember, life coaching can help you live big, live well and live happy. All three are possible because anything really is possible.

Just because you are living positive it doesn’t mean that life excludes you from mishaps, adversity or unpleasant circumstances

No it doesn’t mean you live in some weird, permanent euphoric state.

Neither does it mean nothing ‘bad’ ever happens to you.

Life is ‘bad’ or unfair sometimes and nobody is excluded.

But every situation or circumstance that is thrown at you, no matter how adverse, can be your greatest opportunity for growth and learning. It all depends on how you perceive it.

A good coach will help you see things differently, in a way that can help by helping you unearth your hidden resources and tools.

You have within you, all the resources you need to live a bigger, happier and more fulfilled life

So don’t live an unhappy life. Don’t suppress those unique talents you own. Go for it. Unleash your potential and gifts on the world. People need you to share them.

The achievement of what you want isn’t the most important thing. It is who you grow to become as you try that matters most.

And that will make you happier. Think of the ripple effect you will have on others when you live big, live well and live happy? You could positively impact and influence the lives of thousands of other people over the years…starting with your family.

Imagine that!

It is my mission, my purpose and my passion to help people live big, live well and live happier, and that includes excelling at work.

I am not living as big as I would like to currently. But hey, I am striving to get there (The most important thing), I do what I love and I am happy.

Anything really is possible. And that includes for you too. Regardless of your past or your current circumstances.

You have greatness within you. Talents and gifts. Something only you can do. Unlock your potential and you’ll see it for yourself.

Live big, stay well and be happy.