The Law of Attraction has been popularised in recent years by books, DVD’s and gurus alike, yet it is nothing new. In fact the first accounts of using it by its other name, creative visualization, first appeared in the Bible.

It is said creative visualization was used in ancient Greece, Egypt and Tibet quite often. In Tibet, specifically for riches and money.

Today, such people as Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey are popular stars who it is claimed also harness this immense power of our minds (in the form of creative visualization).

Yet The Law of Attraction has failed for millions of people. I know that Tony Robbins does not advocate The Law of Attraction. And neither do I.

Now that may surprise you considering this series of blogs is called The Law of Attraction: Your Ultimate Guide to Making it Work. I can understand your confusion. So let me clarify.

The Brutal Truth: The (Single) Law of Attraction Has Failed Millions of People and Does More Harm Than Good

First of all, for the most part I detest the Law of Attraction. Why? because it has failed millions of people around the world. And in that sense it actually does more harm than good.

On the numerous seminars I have conducted across 4 different countries, every time I ask for a show of hands of who has tried The Law of Attraction, virtually all hands are raised (everyone certainly knows about it). The same amount of hands don’t go up when I have asked the question, “Did it work for you?”

When I first stumbled on this Law some 27 years ago, it was at a time that I wanted a better life. I wanted all the shiny stuff and the money, and a great job, nice house, new car etc, like all those ‘other folk’ had.

So I started using the Law of Attraction. I had very little success with it and what I did achieve was short-lived. To cut a long story short, this just damaged my confidence and belief in myself. On top of that, it enhanced the despondent feeling that was already inside of me: That there must be something intimately wrong with me! 12 laws of attraction for success, happiness

I mean I had followed the instructions that I had read. I was doing everything to the letter. Yet it failed me. It just wouldn’t work. In some cases, I was actually getting the opposite to what I wanted. And this is a very, very common occurrence that you must learn how to overcome (More of that in part 2 of this series).

And because it doesn’t work when using the common messages that get dished out by some popular figures, most people then give up on their dreams. It cements their mistaken idea or belief, that there must be something wrong with them. They mustn’t be fated or destined to achieve their dreams. And that my friends, is tragic.

And I want you to trust me that you can not simply apply this single law of attraction, sit at home and wish that your bank account will be miraculously swollen by an extra 40k in 30 days. It’s not going to happen.

Not like that anyway.

Maybe you already know that. Maybe you have already tried that technique to your dismay?

What I learned Over 27 Years of Intense, Meticulous Study of The Law of Attraction

Luckily for me I didn’t, like most folk unfortunately do, give up. I persevered. I used trial and error over all these years, fine tuning how it worked and how to make it work successfully.

And over these years of achieving some of my wildest dreams, I learned that there are actually TWELVE Laws to attracting what you want.

I would rather call them 12 Laws for Getting Anything You Want; or 12 Laws for Reprogramming Your Mind for Success and Happiness. Because that is what I have discovered over the last 27 years.

Now please try not to be daunted by me saying there are 12 laws. “Twelve Robert? The ONE law didn’t work for me and you want me to put the effort into TWELVE?”

Yes. That’s exactly what I want you to do.

But these 12 laws actually don’t require that much more effort than what you are expending now. They simply require a switch in effort. More will become clear on this as you progress through this blog series.

And do you want to know the best part about acting on these 12 Laws? Not only do they get you what you want, they make you a far more happier, contented and stress-free person as you are applying them!

These 12 Laws WORK. Period. And They CAN Work For You

As I have already stated, these 12 laws work. I have fine tuned them through great trial and error; failures and success. But I can guarantee you that if you simply apply them in your life, you will achieve your wildest dreams. And become instantly happier whilst applying them!

Over all those years I broke some of the laws. I failed to pass my ‘test’ on a couple of occasions. And there were other times that I simply stopped using them (That was in the times when I was living my dreams)

Here is a snippet of what I have achieved using these 12 Laws

  • Went from earning a paltry £60 per week to earning, £2k, £5k and up to £7k per week tax free
  • £70k tax free bonuses
  • £160k (tax Free) pa (Probably equivalent to £250k now)
  • Owning 6 bedroom mansion, electronic gates, all bedrooms ensuite, home gym, etc
  • Crawling out of a hospital bed way ahead of schedule after a near fatal car crash
  • Not having a limp even though 3 different specialists said I would
  • Travelled to many exotic locations around the world living the dream
  • Got a Rolex (Still have it too)
  • Climbed the corporate ladder to CEO and Group Business Director for two different multimillion pound companies
  • Became a published author
  • Able to “work” at what I love and when I choose
  • Achieved UK, European and World-records within my industry

I don’t tell you this to brag. I tell you this because I left school with 1 ‘O’ Level in English. I didn’t become ambitious until I was 27 (So I am a late starter). I was just an ordinary guy who had a desire to do better for himself.

But I put my successes down to these 12 Laws. I don’t think I would have ever achieved what I have without them.

Out of Despair

Even when I lost everything (I said above I stopped using these 12 laws) and fell into severe depression and almost took my own life, these 12 Laws rescued me from the gates of hell. I used them to climb out of extreme adversity and back to success and happiness.

In the next instalment I shall cover why there are laws and what specifically they will achieve for you.

Your wildest dreams can be your reality. You can achieve success. You can achieve anything you want.

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