So now we are into part 3 of the series. Remember, I would rather you view these 12 Laws as more of a guide to reconditioning your mind to get what you want.

I titled this series The law of Attraction: Your Ultimate Guide to Making it Work so the people who have tried the popular way that it hasn’t worked for, do not give up on their dreams. So that they know they are not destined to live an ordinary life. So that they know there is nothing innately wrong with them.

Which there isn’t. I hope that makes sense to you. I wrote about this in more detail in part two of the course.

On the course I have put together (That you may wish to buy online. See the bottom of this post), I go into great detail on the following points:

  • Why there are Laws to getting what we want
  • How creative visualization works
  • Why it hasn’t worked for you in the past
  • Specifically, how and what to visualize
  • Creating a ‘space’
  • Your minds resistance to getting what you want and how to overcome it
  • And a whole buffet of other information that will empower to make your life great

I haven’t written about all those in the course so that this blog series was not too long.

The First 4 Laws to Success and Happiness

So let’s dive right in to the first four Laws.

Law # 1 You Must Make the Time to Use Creative Visualization

You must sacrifice some of your time to visualize. This means allocating time each day to sit in the quiet. Because your mind will resist being still and quiet initially, I recommend just 10 to 15 minutes to begin with. Eventually, you want to be sitting in the silence visualizing all the things you want, listening and talking to your unconscious mind, for an hour or more.

Yes one hour. (On the course I show you how you can get to this amount of time, gradually)

You see as you set aside time, this gives the strong impression to your unconscious mind that you are serious about what you want. You have to undo all that negative conditioning that I spoke about in part two of this series.

Here is the golden rule to sitting in the quiet and visualizing.

The more you visualize in the quiet, the more your unconscious mind (And you) will love it. The less you do it, the more you will hate it

Law # 2 You Must Pass Your Test

This is the biggie. This is the one that over all the years and the thousands of people I have spoken to, kills their dreams dead.

Whenever you want anything in life, you will meet resistance. Both from within your mind and from the outside world or the Universal powers that be.

So let’s say you start visualizing money. What will more often than not happen, is you will get the opposite to what you want, which is more money. You may have an unexpected bill, the car breaks down, the roof suddenly leaks…anything can happen that will mean money going away from you rather than flowing to you.

This instantly triggers the unconscious mind in most people to say to themselves, “You see, I told you this is all baloney. I told you this wouldn’t work. I said to you that you can’t have all that money. You are fooling yourself” and on and on.

This is just your ‘test’.

So people automatically stop visualizing. And they and you, stay as you are.

I believe in God. So when my ‘test’ appears I simply look at it as God asking me, “Are you sure you want this Robert? Is this what you really want?” I have to answer yes by remaining optimistic.

Of course, this very same question is also being asked by your unconscious mind.

You must overcome this ‘test’ that is sent to you by the Universe. It is imperative. You overcome it by carrying on with your creative visualizations. By remaining optimistic that you can and will get what you want.

(On the course I explain in detail when to expect this test, how it will arrive and how to easily overcome it)

Once you overcome your ‘test’ the fantastic news is you won’t get another one. Fail your ‘test’ and you will get a bigger one. And then a bigger one. Then you’ll never visualize ever again. In fact, you’ll probably come to hate anything associated with thinking positive, self-improvement or getting what you want.

This will then reinforce the limiting belief that you are not worthy for success, or more money, or a great relationship or whatever else it is you want or dream about. And that my friend, is not true.

Law # 3 Don’t Break The Money Law

This is the only Law I have found to sound a little like a 60’s hippie way of thinking. However, over my 27 years of studying creative visualization, I have still found that breaking this Law will prevent you from getting more money.

It works like this.

You visualize more money to put into your business, and have been doing so in the time you have set aside each day to visualise. After a little while that money arrives. But your husband wants to go on holiday with you and the kids.

You succumb when you see their all their little faces, desperately telling you they want some quality time with you. You have been working hard and long hours. How can you resist? You use the money to go on holiday.

You have just violated the Law. This is not a rule you can bend or break. It is a Law. Breaking it has consequences. I know, I have been guilty of breaking this one myself. It will cut off your power to get what you want.

Law # 4 Be Mindful of  Who You Tell and Don’t use Dreaded Dream Boards

I am very selective of who I tell about what I want. They don’t believe the same as I do. Most people are thinking negatively. They don’t dream. They don’t have high ambitions. Unfortunately, this can include friends and even family.

I advise people to tear down their Vision and Dream Boards. Why? because your mind becomes immune to what you want. It starts to ignore your desires is one of the reasons

I knew a woman who went to a seminar. She went home pumped up with the intention of ‘manifesting’ (Don’t know why, but I don’t particularly like that word!) all of her dreams. She created her Dream or Vision Board.

Her husband and two of his friends returned later that night and saw it. They all ridiculed and mocked it. Her husband especially, placed huge doubt in her mind about how on earth did she think she could ever afford a new BMW. She took it down and threw it away.

She never got the car. Or any of her other dreams for years (Fortunately she attended one of my workshops and now is living her dream life)

I can’t go into detail here, but your unconscious mind will pick up the slightest signal that a friend or family member will not believe that you can achieve what is on your Vision Board. So for this blog post, just trust me on this: Do not use them. Do not hang your dreams up for all the world to see.

The world is more interested in what is the next cat video on Facebook. They are more bothered about how poor Brad Pitt is going to cope rather than creating a truly great life. They are more wrapped up with the insignificant things of life. The things that don’t make a great life.

Remember, all of this and so much more is on the course. It will change your life. And I am serious about that. Invest in yourself. Invest in your dreams.

In the next post we will cover the following 4 Laws to Reconditioning Your Mind for Success and Happiness.

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