Keep Believing in Yourself and Your Dreams (No Matter What Life is Throwing at You)

As we enter December it dawns on me that we are nearing the end of another year. A whole 12 months-365 days-would have been and gone, that time never to be replaced. What has been done or said or not done-cannot be clawed back. You maybe able to right a wrong, but the time itself cannot be taken back to live again.

But the great thing about life is that each new day can be viewed as a new beginning-a fresh start-a time to try for the first time or, to try again. And so it is with each new year too.

So what is your purpose in life? What are your dreams, hopes, aspirations, goals-call them what you will? Are you going to keep doing what you have done this year, and repeat those patterns next year too? What about the patterns you have been repeating from the previous 5 years? Of course, if what you have been doing is serving you, getting you what you want, giving you happiness, then keep doing more of that.

change can be scary

People love change-until it affects them or their world.

But if it isn’t, then you need to change something because soon, before you know it, we will be nearing the end of 2015 and you will be exactly where you are now. Or worse, you would actually have travelled backwards so to speak, because life is constantly moving forwards. With or without you, time marches on.

But maybe you have been trying to change, to get better results, more success, more happiness, better relationships? Maybe you are disheartened? Maybe you think or feel you are not making progress? Perhaps you feel there are too many stumbling blocks? “It’s really not worth all this effort”, or, “Why do I keep getting these hurdles?”, could be the tone of the questions racing through your mind right now.

Let me reassure you it is best to keep going and to keep believing in yourself and that what you want is possible, because it is. Life is like that when you are moving from one state of change to another. It sends you tests. It is life simply asking you if this is really what you want. It is testing the courage of your convictions. It wants to know if you are merely wishing for something, or if you truly, deeply and passionately want it.

The 3 major tests when going through a transitional period of growth can come in the form of;

1) Your Own Mind

At first, your own mind will resist the change in growth you seek. It can reject the very thoughts you create that you know will bring more success or happiness to fruition. It wants everything to stay the same (I blog about this often). Keep reminding yourself that the new changes will be good for you. Not only will you still be safe when these changes take place, but you will be safermindblog

And without going too deeply into the subject, your brain creates ‘maps’ for your set of circumstances that you live in. That is why someone who has been single for a number of years can feel discomfort in a new relationship. They have a well-formed ‘single-living’ map established in their brain. A new map has to be formed and the old one overridden. So for new thinking patterns or circumstances to take shape and for you to feel comfortable with, the brain has to override these maps and form new ones. This can take a little time so be patient.

2) Other People Objecting to Your Change

When you change, it may threaten the status quo of those around you; it might make them think that if you make the change, they have to change and people like their identity they have spent years creating as it is now. Remember, virtually everyone will resist change in whatever form it comes. Don’t let their unbelief change your belief. These objections to your positive change can come from those who you love most. You will have to decide how much time you spend with them in the future. But if you do truly believe in what you say you want, this can transfer into them. I have found that when my belief is so unshakeable, so intense, it kind of sells the other person into the idea. In other rare circumstances, I have had to leave some people behind. That was tough.

3) Unforeseen, Unexpected and Unwanted Events

These are the things that life itself throws at you. The ones that ‘it’ is testing if you really want what you say you want. For example, you may have decided that finally you are going to pursue your dream career. You apply for 20 jobs and get 3 interviews. You don’t get the job. Or, you are wanting your business to be more successful and you actually lose a good, regular customer. Or maybe, two weeks into your new positive quest, 2 or 3 things simply go wrong, like the roof gets a leak, a major repair crops up with what was your otherwise mechanically sound car. Major delays to what you want are another biggie too.

I smile at these tests when I get them. The great thing about them is that I know they are merely tests. I know once I have passed them I won’t get anymore. I also know that by getting them I am going to grow. I am going to get what I want. And the bigger the obstacle that gets thrown at me or drops onto my path makes me even happier. Why? because I know the rewards are even greater.

All I have to do-and all you have to do-is keep believing in yourself and what you want to achieve. Don’t let others, or life, put you off. If something like the opinions of others can make you detour from what you want, then you didn’t really want it badly enough in the first place. You were just wishing things to be better. And wishing won’t get you anything. Ever.

Of course these tests can cause doubt or panic sometimes when they first visit us. The secret is, not to dwell on them. Change those doubting thoughts as quickly as possible and replace them immediately and vividly, with what you do want.

Keep going. Don’t be deterred from what you want. Just because life has thrown you something it is not saying, “This is not for you. This isn’t meant to be”

Quite the opposite. “How much do you really want this? Show me you have faith and I will get it for you. Show me it is what you passionately want.” That is what life is really asking you. So show it. Keep believing.

And then, as if by magic, life will start working for you. You will see little ‘coincidences’ showing up in your life that are like markers in the sand that you are on the right path.

So keep moving forwards. Every day do something small or large that will carry you towards what you want. Once you pass these tests you won’t get any more. Keep working hard at your new business, getting that new job, improving your thinking patterns, enjoying better relationships or whatever else it is you want.

Remember anything really is possible. You can get what you want. You do deserve the happiness and success you desire. Other people who have achieved what they want are not gods. And neither do they have any divine right. They have merely kept believing in their dreams-and themselves-with passion and conviction. And they have kept working towards what they want. I assure you their road to success was also obstructed with tests at some point in their journey. Life asked them if they wanted what they said wanted. Read about them and you will see that I am right.

Yes, always keep believing. No matter what.

Coach Robert

Robert is an author and has built a sought-after reputation as The Mind Reading Coach because of how quickly he knows what mental obstacles are holding people back. He has climbed into the minds of TV Celebrities, sports pro's, authors, millionaires, entrepreneurs, artists and other amazing folk from 33 different countries.

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