Wow, it has been nigh on 9 days since my last blog. Why? Simply because this last week or so I have been doing what I love…creating two new products. Once I get wrapped up in that, time seems to go quickly.

How this week has flown by got me thinking about time in general and especially about age. My age. And I get reminded of it fairly often too. Like when I am filling in a form online and I have to keep scrolling down and down and down for my year of birth.

I am nearing 52. Yes in May, I reach an age I once thought was light years away. It was a number I once thought I would never reach. I don’t mean I had visions of an early death, I just thought I would forever remain in my 20’s. Now I realise that life does move on; I am getting older whether I like it or not and there is absolutely no point in fighting it.

Fortunately for me, I actually like it. And I never once dreamt I would be saying that!

Age is psychological and not necessarily chronological

You would have good reason to question my authenticity in the statement I made above that I like my age. But I do.

One of the main reasons I am enjoying my fabulous fifties is my appreciation of time. I tend not to procrastinate like I did in my younger days. There is always tomorrow to attempt this, that or the other is what would cloud my thinking. Now I have a stronger sense of urgency to get things done. And I find this is a better use of my time.

I certainly do my utmost not to waste time.

And there are other striking things I like about getting older.

I really couldn’t care less what other people think about me. Well, at least the thoughts are never in my mind for more than a few seconds at most. And I never let what others may think to paralyse me or stop me doing what I want to do. Besides, I have come to realise that nobody is really thinking about me anyway; they are too wrapped up concerning themselves with what others are thinking about them.

Patience, a trait I severely lacked in my youth, has got better (The odd slow car driver can still be classed as my achilles heel however) and this shows in my health when I go for my check-up’s.

It depends how you view life

It depends how you view life

My mental resilience seems to have gone up a notch or two. I have always classed myself as a strong willed, determined guy, but if I had the choice of having the mental strength I have today or yesteryear, I would choose today.

Of course, I also console myself that many people in todays world are discovering and doing more of the things they really love doing as they get older.

If you are under 40 and reading this, please try not to use this blog as an excuse for not going for your dreams.

I also seem to have more clarity of where I am going, what I want to do and how I am going to get it. This of course helps me help other people find their clarity too.

It’s never too late

To me age really is psychological. Not so many decades ago anyone over 50 was classed as being over the hill; useless and worthless. That pattern of thinking is changing and the results in the lives of the 50 club members is proving that.

It’s never too late though if you are approaching this magical age and you feel you haven’t done what you once thought you were going to do. Many people find their true meaning in life in their autumn years. Why should it be any different for you? It isn’t. Reignite those goals and dreams you once had or set yourself some new ones.

I have my goals in place. Yet today, thinking about time, I thought back to some of the goals I had when I was younger; some of those that were too quickly put on the back burner of my mind and left to go cold. And I came to the conclusion, why not? Why not just give one or two of them a go?

Yes my friend, it is never too late to dream-and try-and do what you love to do. Never.

After all, time is moving on.