Well for anyone who regularly follows my blog posts you will know that some take a good 5 minutes to read. Now most of you don’t mind this and have come to quite like them (Judging by the emails I receive, and thank you, I appreciate all of them).

Yet I also realise that people have other things to do during their busy days.

So I am going to be posting more often, but with more snippets; quicker reads if you like. I call them Mind Bytes. So you can read them in no time at all and then get on with the rest of your day.

For those of you who do like my longer posts they will still be coming too. Anyway, here is the first Byte.

The First Mind Byte

More than a Doh! Moment…

For the past two weeks I have conceptualised, written and created a 12 step online course, along with 4 bonus lessons, that I will be selling shortly. The final part of the jigsaw were the slides I meticulously put together for my sales page to promote the course.

I did the voice over to the slides and then realised to my dismay that it was far too long. 21 minutes in total. So I went back into the presentation to edit and chop (I don’t use Powerpoint I use Prezi).

Suddenly, half way through cutting out the stuff I didn’t need and rearranging slides and the flow, I lost the whole darn presentation.

Deleted. Gone. Sucked out of my Mac and into a black hole of cyberspace.


Thats not me. But it was how I felt.

It was more than a Doh! moment. For sure, 20 years ago I would have thrown the Mac across the room, stormed out and maybe started over again 3 or 4 days later.

“Hulk, Smash!”

But what about now, did I feel like smashing the Mac on the floor? I most certainly did. Was I frustrated? You bet. Would I have wanted to kick the cat if I had one? No. I like animals.

But then I started to laugh…I sat there and laughed when only a couple of minutes before I could have quite easily transformed into Hulk, lost control and, errh, simply smashed.

And then I asked myself, what could actually be good about this? And within 20 minutes I was back at the trusted Mac typing away at a brand new presentation.

By asking myself that one question it totally changed my perspective on things, got me away from the initial anger and frustration and kick started my mind to look for something-anything-that could be positive.

I could quite easily have sunk into a black mood and stomped off cursing my ‘rotten luck’ and started again in 2 or 3 days time by justifying to myself there is something else I can always be doing.

But by mastering my thinking process and controlling what thoughts I focus on, for the most part, it changed everything.

And guess what? The second presentation is far, far better than the first and I haven’t delayed the launch by 3 or 4 days. Neither am I having to fork out on a new laptop.