“Robert D Hamilton knows what he is talking about…” Timeout Magazine

We all have those times in our lives when we need some inspiration, motivation or a little wisdom. And there is nothing wrong with that!

Whenever you find you need some timely inspiration, a boost in motivation or a different perspective and some wisdom, to overcome those potholes and curveballs life throws at us, then do get in touch.

My 90 minute sessions are serious life changers.


Cambridge dictionary definition:

Someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something

A sudden good idea

How often have you sought inspiration? Or needed a good idea? Maybe you aren’t sure what you need to do or would like to do in life? Maybe, you need some inspiration in your business?

I can help you find that inner inspiration and, using my 52 years of studying people, offer some illuminating insights as well.

“Robert, thanks for your inspiration. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be where I am today. I owe you so much and I will never forget you. My life has simply taken off since seeing you.” Dom, Script writer, sales director, Birmingham


Cambridge dictionary definition:

Enthusiasm for doing something

She’s a bright enough person to be an entrepreneur – she just lacks motivation

Has your enthusiasm gone astray? Do you know what you want but struggle to find the motivation to get going? Or perhaps your zest for life or business has left you?

I will get you pumped, feeling unstoppable, full of a strong sense of personal belief and knowing that anything really is possible. This motivated state will be internal. This means that I will put you in this positive state for the longterm.

“Thanks to you inner motivation Robert, I went on to win 5 senior tournaments in the next 3 months. I still can’t stop winning. Plus, I am now on the cover many Men’s Health and fitness magazines. Thanks for helping me believe that anything really is possible.” Sean, Lai Kok Seng, Senior Tennis pro, Kuala Lumpur


Cambridge dictionary definition:

The ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgements (In a non-judgemental way)

What other astonishing nuggets of wisdom do you have for us?

Life is filled with obstacles, potholes in the road as we journey along. They are inevitable from time to time.

I can help you get a different perspective on what life or work or business throws at you. Sometimes, having that wise person who is detatched from what you are experiencing, can be the best choice to help you find that perspective.

People who are close to you are usually emotionally connected to you which can impair their wisdom. In some cases, those offering different perspectives have their own personal agenda’s – so what they offer is usually best for them – and not for you.

Have you had a time whereby you would have benefited from some timely wisdom? I am referring to those times when these obstacles and challenges are seriously interfering with your happiness, work or performance.

Or when they have been left that stress is now affecting your health or mood.

Here are just a few examples of what I mean:

  • An argument or falling out with a close family member like a son, daughter, father, mother, sister etc
  • Your relationship has gone stale or on the verge of breaking up
  • Constant arguments with your loved on
  • Somebody has hurt you and you think you cannot forgive
  • You have a boss you just cannot work for
  • A past, unpleasant experience keeps surfacing and causing unhappiness
  • Feel like you are being overlooked for promotion
  • Friends are taking advantage of you
  • Nothing seems to be going ‘right’ for you; you feel unlucky, fated to be a ‘failure’
  • You feel like you don’t belong at work or work colleagues are making your life hell
  • You don’t feel worthy enough to get what you want

“Robert is one of the best ‘psychologists’ I have ever seen. He repaired the year long broken relationship with me and my son in under half an hour. Please, if you are experiencing similar, go and see him today.” Azlan, Eco warrior, entrepreneur, Malayisa

Get The Inspiration, Motivation or Wisdom You Need

You are capable of so much. With the right inspiration and motivation you can achieve more than what you possibly think. You can achieve your ‘impossible’.

We are not here to live small or play small or be unhappy. Life has so much to offer us. It is too short to hold grudges and carry unpleasant experiences around with us.

My 90 minute session will help you achieve more, by becoming inspired and motivated.

My wisdom and insights can give you a different perspective and help you find instant solutions from the challenges you are facing.

Get in touch today.