Every so often I receive emails and messages from people who seem a little disgruntled with my firmly held belief (I call it my mantra), anything really IS possible. My facebook statuses irk them and my blogs are too far fetched with me shouting from my soapbox, anything really IS possible (Yes I know, I have said it twice already, but bear with me).

Sure, they like, even appreciate my positivity (They claim) but could I just be more realistic…pleeeaassseeeese Robert.

Well firstly, if they don’t like my views they don’t have to read them. And my views are not offending them. They certainly aren’t causing them any physical pain. So I shall carry on regardless.

I respect their view of the world of course and wouldn’t ask them to change their belief of it unless they asked. But what irks me is that some people want to force their opinions and beliefs on others; namely, that anything really is possible is BS. Maybe they once had dreams that haven’t worked out and in their way are protecting others from the same heartbreak and ongoing despair. Maybe.

“These are my opinions and if you don’t like them, I have others” Groucho Marx

Anyway, I Have Bad News (For Some) About Being “Realistic”

I am one of the most realistic guys you are likely to meet.  Seriously. And here’s why.

I am fully and consciously aware of the following.

  • I am realistic that life from time to time can be filled with adversity
  • Realistic that I am going to mistakes…lots of them and some bigger than others
  • Realistic that life sometimes throws unwanted curveballs at us
  • Realistic there are plenty of obstacles and even setbacks, some minor and some major on the journey to getting success
  • I am realistic that I will cross paths with people whose only agenda is to somehow try and use me, abuse me or rip me off in some way
  • I am highly realistic that the economy, locally and internationally, is unpredictable and can take sudden downward spirals (As well as massive upward tends)
  • I am realistic that certain events in the world are catastrophic and inevitable. Some caused by Mother nature others by crackpots and despots

“I am realistic. I believe that anything really IS possible”

In fact I am so realistic that I believe in the 90/10 rule. 90% of what happens to me I have absolutely no control over. And that means, being realistic, that the law of averages must say about 46% of events beyond my control are going to be unwanted and 44% will be more favourable (And vice versa) in any given year.

So yes, I am utterly realistic my friends. My head is not thrust into the proverbial sand dune.

How I Choose to Respond

Taking the 90/10 rule above, I do control the 10%. I choose how to respond to such events. My attitude to adversity for example is, anything really IS possible. It serves me far better than having a ‘realistic’ approach about the “bad stuff”.

What if I take a realistic attitude when the economy tumbles? Will that help me more than if I choose to think, ‘Hey, anything really IS possible even though times may be tough’?

If I had been realistic in my thinking when climbing out of my dark abyss, I don’t think I would be an author, speaker, coach, be running two businesses, learning new skills and doing what I am passionate about.

Rather, I think I would be in some dead end job running and sweating on someone elses treadmill carrying a rucksack of broken dreams and languishing late in bed most nights with thoughts of, “If only…”

In fact if I had taken a realistic approach the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months following that fateful day I nearly ended it all, I don’t think I would be here at all.

Of course I believe anything really IS possible. Why wouldn’t I?

And why wouldn’t you?


Please Note: This is not a direct response to anyone who has emailed me or who has commented on my facebook posts. But rather to those naysayers and ‘advisors’ who tell others to be realistic about their dreams and goals and that things cannot be done.