This post is as much for me today as it is (Hopefully!) for you. Sometimes, as a writer and blogger, these posts are a timely reminder for me too. So I have to be frank with you and say in all earnest, I haven’t being do the message in this post as often as I should.

Time to put that right.

The Power in Your Mind

Your mind is extremely powerful as you are probably aware. Your unconscious mind in particular, I believe knows all things. In fact its number 1 responsibility is to keep you safe and look after your ‘best interests’.

Your unconscious mind is that part of you that keeps bodily functions running in the background. The part of your mind that can tie your shoelace without you looking or even having to think about it. The part of your mind where sometimes you can leave the drive in your car and be in 3rd gear without consciously being aware of changing gear.

You know, those times you do things on autopilot or without the need for consciously thinking about them. It is believed that between 60% and 80% of all your behaviour – of everything that you do – is controlled by your unconscious mind.

We think we are making conscious choices and decisions; but the reality is we aren’t.

People greatly underestimate the power that lies beneath the surface of their conscious, everyday ‘thinking mind’

Now because of the # 1 responsibility of your unconscious mind that I mentioned above, it will always guide you in the right direction. But of course, you have to learn how to use this power. And in today’s busy world, it isn’t easy to learn how to do that. It takes a little effort and time.

And you have to separate yourself from all that busyness and distraction.

The # 1 Thing You Must do to Listen to Your Unconscious Mind

To tap into this vast reservoir of power that lies within you, you must first learn to quieten your mind. You must spend time in the quiet – alone and without any distractions. Your mind, believe me, is crying out for this rest from all this busyness.

It needs rest. Sleep is not taken into account. It needs peace and quiet whilst you are awake. You need to consciously be quiet. You need to be still. And quiet.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will control your life and you will call it fate. Carl Jung

Yes I have said that a few times (Your unconscious mind adores repetition and that is why I will keep blogging in different ways about The Lesser Known Power of Your Unconscious Mind).

I say it on purpose to get my point across to you. Why? So you too can tap into this internal powerhouse of wisdom, abundance, wealth and health guidance.

How I saved my Life Savings

A few years ago I was under enormous peer pressure to invest my life savings in a companies shares. They were a sure-fire investment winner. I would be crazy to miss out on this mega-deal. It was after all, a no-brainer. Inside information from the top. All of us would walk away a lot richer than we currently were.

As I was listening to the super pitch, and like my friends and colleagues I was all ears too as I had no reason to doubt the authenticity of the investment, my friends and colleagues went ahead and agreed, and did, invest thousands upon thousands. I was about to say yes to this amazing offer. Why shouldn’t I?

I said I would give them my answer the following lunch time at our scheduled meeting.

Into the Quiet Room

The following morning I went to my quiet room. I had a study that was decorated in peaceful colours I had fresh flowers, a beautiful hand-crafted Balinese writing table, a rug on the floor and scattered cushions.

This was my visualizing and quiet room. My respite from the immense pressures of being paid a very lucrative salary to get results. In here I would use my creative visualization techniques and then just sit and talk and listen to my unconscious mind.

Every day I would spend at least an hour in here. I loved that room. It was “My space”. It was peaceful, positive and quiet.

I wasn’t even thinking of the investment. When I look back, I was just listening in general.

And then it hit me. Not like lightening. No great eureka moment. Just that indistinguishable, silent inner prompting from my unconscious mind. The voice that I knew. The voice that always guided me to do the right thing. Yet it spoke louder than all the excitement, the peer pressure and all the hype of making a certain fortune.

It simply said to me,

Don’t invest.

Relying on this voice, the next day I politely refused to invest. For the following few days I was pitched if you like, to invest while the shares were still just 90 cents. “But Rob, they are going to go up to between $13 – $17. You can sell then. It’s not a long term investment. Sell at $12 or $13.00 if you are apprehensive”

But how could I explain my refusal? I couldn’t. Not to ears that wouldn’t hear my reasoning.

The investment quickly rose to around $6 or $7, I cannot remember the exact figure. I do remember telling one guy who had invested a large amount of money to sell them at that point. But he refused. Why when they are certain to double?

Now you may ask yourself why my unconscious mind did not tell me to invest and then sell at $6 or $7? Well, first of all, I would have been like everyone else if I had invested and the greed factor would have kicked in. Why on earth would I have sold when there was a certain guarantee they were going to double, even treble, again?

They eventually rose to about $13 or $14. I distinctly remember hearing they would go to $18 and then everyone should sell.

The following day the shares crumbled and plummeted within a couple of hours I believe. They fell to 1 cent (I don’t understand the stock-market so please don’t email me to explain how, thanks). But they did.

Everyone lost thousands and thousands. But I didn’t.

Give Thanks and Express Gratitude to Your Unconscious Mind

That evening I couldn’t wait to get home. I went into my quiet room and gave thanks to my unconscious mind. Enormous, heartfelt thanks. Your unconscious mind loves being fed gratitude, no matter how little you have by the way.

And so should you; give thanks I mean. Always be grateful for what you do have. It is the first rule for “getting more”.

Create Your Space and Spend Time There

So go find a quiet corner in your house or wherever you live and create a space for you and your unconscious mind. Use it often and ponder on what you want. Sometimes I walk out into nature and spend quiet moments there too.

Learn to listen to what your unconscious mind says and how it says it. You may get a gut feeling, a small voice in your head, a picture or just a feeling.

When you have spent time in the quiet and learned to listen, you can then ask your unconscious mind where to guide you, who to see, where to go, who to sit next to at a network event, when to slow down in your car – your unconscious mind will always guide you and it will never be wrong.

The health benefits – physical, emotional and mental are huge for you. And of course you have the wealth benefits like I had too.

The answers are similar to answers one would receive from prayer. However, I believe the answers your unconscious mind receives, are in addition to prayers. And after all, your unconscious mind was created by God and is therefore a power and a gift that can and should be used

Like I said, not many people can slow themselves down. We are fed the false notion that we must ‘always be busy doing something’ or we are failures or are going to fail in some way. That being constantly active from the moment we wake until we sleep is the way to make our fortunes and create our legacies in life.

And further the message is we must be constantly loud and extroverted to be great and successful. We must always be ‘out there’ showcasing our latest achievements on twitter or facebook.

But it is not what your unconscious mind is wanting or needing. The way is to still the mind. Spend time in the quiet. All great people spend time alone and in the quiet. Study them for years, like I have done, and you will see this to be true. If it worked for them it could work for you too.

Be still. Be quiet. And tap into that gargantuan pool of resources and wisdom contained in your inner powerhouse; your unconscious mind. It will help and guide you in all aspects of your life, work or business.

The time you spend quietly talking and listening to your unconscious mind will all be worthwhile one day and probably in ways you cannot yet comprehend.

As always, I love to hear other stories of how the unconscious mind has helped you. Please leave your comment below or use the contact form.