If I asked you if you think, you would more than likely think I was stark raving mad because the answer is obvious. If I asked you if you practiced creative visualization you may answer me in several ways. Your response may well be, yes I do it all the time or maybe yes I have tried it but it didn’t work or perhaps, what a load of nonsense.

Yet whatever your response may be, we all visualize, whether you believe in the power of it or not. What do you think you are doing when you are worrying about the future? Contemplating whether or not you get that job opportunity or promotion? The up-coming holiday you are about to take? Each time you think of a situation you are visualizing.

Your mind thinks in pictures not in words. So each time you think about some event your subconscious mind is creating pictures (In your mind) of those thoughts. These pictures impregnate your subconscious mind, and being the prover of your thoughts, your most loyal and obedient servant, it faithfully carries out each command (Thought) to the letter, if you think the same thoughts consistently.

What is happening in your inner world is manifesting itself in your outer world. In other words, your results reflect your consistent thoughts. Your consistent thoughts are creating pictures (Visualizing).

If this is the case, and I assure you it is, do you not think it wise to harness this power and control what you do visualize so it can help you rather than hinder you?

Sports people are probably the best example at the use of visualization. The golfer or tennis player replaying the shot through their mind after a miss; the sprinter picturing herself crossing the finish line first; the fighter vividly seeing how the fight will pan out.

How Do We Visualize?

I have been visualizing for many years and without a shadow of doubt I know it works, providing you follow the Four Laws, which I will break down into 4 separate blogs after this. For now here are my tips on how you can tap into the infinite power of your subconscious mind, the prover of your thoughtsvisualize successfully

Make the Time

Sounds simple enough yet so many people will say they don’t have the time to set aside. They have so much going on, deadlines to meet, schedules to attend to, kids to look after, demanding bosses etc. If you want to harness the wonderful power of visualization you must make the time. Get up earlier, switch off the Tv, go off line. There is always time my friend.

Be Still and Quiet

You cannot visualize if there is constant noise around you. Switch off your phone and any other distractions. Find a separate area in the home, a space where you feel comfortable. A place that will become synonymous with your creative visualization. I never lie down and prefer to sit on a cushion with my back against the side of my bed. If I lie down, I get too relaxed and doze off.

Ignore Your Body and Thoughts

Your mind does not like to be quiet. It strongly resists. It prefers noise and constant attention. Quietness can feel alien. It will therefore fill you with extra and usually jumbled thoughts about anything and everything in your first few attempts. Just acknowledge them and focus instead on some deep breathing and the amount of thoughts will subside somewhat. Your mind will also send messages to your body in the form of itches, aches and a feeling of not being comfortable. Ignore them as they will disappear too after a few minutes.

Picture in Detail What You Want

You have to ‘see’ in your minds eye exactly what you want. You have to be absolutely clear and picture all the detail. You must also start at the end. What is the end result you want? See yourself in that situation performing the tasks. If for example you want to visualize a promotion at work, see yourself already in the job. See your boss, co-workers, family and friends congratulating you; the handshake, the pats on the back, their smiles and pride on their faces because you have done it. Picture the increase in income that goes with the promotion. The new office, even the special parking space that goes with the position, if that is the case. Detail, detail, detail.

Feel the Feeling

How would you feel right now if I magically gave you everything you ever wished for? Life would be filled with great joy right? Feelings are crucial. Feel how you would feel if you had it all right now, everything you can or do dream about. Feel as if. And hold those feelings. Remember, your subconscious mind does not know the difference between fact and fantasy, lies or truth it simply carries out the instructions (Consistent thoughts) you give it. By using feeling it kind of hardwires it into your nervous system and therefore it convinces your subconscious mind it is what you truly want. It (Your subconscious mind) will then start the marvelous task of seeking a way to get it for you.

Be Consistent

Because your mind resists all change whether that change is for the better or not, you need to be consistent and visualize every single day without fail. No point in doing ten minutes for one day and then leaving it a week. Your subconscious mind will not take you seriously. The strange thing is with visualization the more you do it the more you like it; the less you do it the more you will loathe it. Over time you will be able to spend one hour doing it. It becomes a way of life, a routine you will enjoy tremendously and feel quite upset should you miss it out of your routine one day. It is a positive habit to develop I assure you.

I have many examples of using visualization to my complete advantage. Like taking myself out of hospital 3 weeks earlier than what was recommended and defying medical advice. The surgeon virtually recited word for word what I had vividly pictured in my mind as he held the x-rays up to the screen in amazement at my speedy recovery.

I have in the past violated all of the Four Laws in visualization to be honest with you. And unlike the breaking of some other laws, like speeding, the consequences can be dire. It is because of the violation of these 4 laws that leads people to mistakenly believe that visualization does not work. And if you are one of them, you could well be utterly convinced it doesn’t work and be a staunch objector to it.

And what hasn’t helped are recent popular books on the subject which in my opinion completely ignore these 4 Laws. Hence one of the reasons you may think it is mumbo-jumbo. You have read these same books, attempted to visualize and probably got the opposite results.

In the next 4 blogs I will cover in detail these Four Laws so you can get the best out of visualization. I assure you, when you follow them, you too can get whatever you want in life. And I really don’t care what situation you may currently find yourself in or what it is you want.