Today I am writing this blog from my hotel room in the U.K. I am reveling at the marvel of Christmas and how it unites families, friends and loved ones together. The things that matter in life.

But this blog isn’t about that. It’s about sharing the 3rd of the 4 Laws to successful visualization.

So here goes…

Law # 3- Don’t Tell Anyone (Or be very choosy)

Whatever you are visualizing I recommend that unless you are privy to a circle of masterminds, people who also aim high, achieve and are successful themselves, then you need to refrain from telling others what you are going to get in life. I have 3 people who I can confidently share my goals with, maybe four at most.

Why shouldn’t you share your dreams openly? Because others may doubt your ability to achieve that brand new house, the shiny car, the extra money or the dream job. Some will object to your goals openly and verbally. Others may do it less conspicuously. Whichever way they use, it could seriously deter you from pursuing your dreams. A few comments from doubters can be enough to cause unbelief. And negative thinking people will openly ridicule what you are aiming for. Unfortunately, this can also come from those nearest and dearest to you. People are also envious, it is just a fact of life.

Dreaded Dream Boards

If you have one of these displayed in your living room or any other area where visiting family and friends can see it, take it down immediately. I know they are popular and all the rage these days, but my advice if you have one is stop reading and go and pull it off the wall right now.

You see some people, having viewed your dream board may well comment in a way that appears positive. Inside though, for various reasons, they don’t want you moving to a bigger home and out of their life. That will cause upheaval and change in their life. They may say, “Hey that’s really great! I hope you do it!” Sounds positive enough, but the word hope gives it away. It places doubt in your mind. Furthermore, their facial expression will not be displaying the same positivity. And, as I have blogged before, your subconscious mind has the ability to read all body language and you will therefore spot that doubt, either consciously or subconsciously. And remember, spotting these doubts with your unconscious mind can still effect you in a negative way.

Considering that the vast majority of people think negatively for most part of their days-and lives-it makes sense that they will not be able to accept that you are going to suddenly start achieving greater things in your life.

Try not to resent them for their doubts because their intentions could be good. It may be a case of they have not achieved their dreams in life and they want to save you the disappointment they have been through by telling you not to bother. But their negative actions and words do not benefit you.

I remember one lady who spent all day doing her dream board after attending a seminar. It sat proudly in the kitchen by 5pm the following evening. At 6.30pm, the very same evening, she was in tears and her dreams were in tatters. Her husband had come home with two friends and they all openly criticized her dreams. They started asking how exactly she could possibly achieve all those things she had placed on her dream board. It totally destroyed her belief that she could have all the things she ever wanted and she didn’t have the mental ability, at the time, to cope with the negativity.

So instead of an on display dream board, I advise you get yourself a scrapbook and paste pictures in there of what you want and then lock it away. I find I no longer need to do this at all, but if you are just starting to visualize, this strategy will help you tremendously.

So no, best not to share your visualizations of those lofty goals and dreams that can and do come true, with anyone.

If you must share, choose very wisely.

Of course, you will still need to apply Law # 4. And that my friend is a Law that seems to unnecessarily scare most folk these days. They don’t want to hear it. And it is the one Law most ‘gurus’ fail to mention in their books, seminars or videos.