Well, two days before Christmas, shopping done, gifts bought (But not wrapped yet) and aching feet. Patience also tested with the crowds, but oh that is part of the joy of it all me thinks.

Anyway, my Merry Christmas post will be interrupting Law # 3. For now, here is the somewhat unusual, but nonetheless in force, Law # 2.

Law #2 Don’t Violate the Law

This, I suppose, applies when you are visualizing for money. Let me explain further.

Just imagine for a moment if a good friend, family member or grown up child came and asked you for some money telling you it was for a new suit for a much needed job interview. You gladly give them the money knowing how much the rewards of a good first impression would aid them. And you also know that they are in need of a job as they have been telling you so for a number of weeks.

A few days later you enquire about how they got on at the interview in the brand new attire? They meekly tell you that instead of buying the suit, they went out and spent the money on something else. (And they didn’t get the job either) How would you feel? A little let down if you are human.

Now imagine a few weeks later they come and ask you the same question giving you the same reason for the money. Would you be willing to give? Would you give as quickly? I will let you decide.

When you visualize money for a new car, the deposit for a house or maybe just a holiday and you get that money but then spend it on something entirely different, the forces behind the scenes in getting you what you want are not too pleased. It violates the law.

God or the Universal powers feel exactly the same as you would. Just like the person asking you for the money, you would require more convincing this time around. You would have to do a lot more convincing to get what you want.

Similar to law # 1, you have to start your efforts all over again and wait longer.

Another quirky aspect to this law is that your subconscious mind will quite often ‘prompt’ you to go somewhere, see someone or attend a function of some kind perhaps (It could be anything)

You must act on these nudges. You will always be right if you do. The more you visualize and listen and be still and be quiet, the more these promptings will come and the easier you will be able to recognize them when they do pop into your conscious mind. No matter how absurd they may seem at the time, follow your hunches. And they can strike at any time, anywhere!

I have found that if you ignore these, and sometimes these promptings may be telling you to do something you may not want to do, like a pay a debt say, it is kind of you not trusting in the power that is giving you the promptings.

I know this may sound a little far-fetched or absurd. If you were to email me and ask, ‘Why do these Laws exist Robert….whyyyy?’  I would simply reply that I don’t know why these Laws are there, I just know they are. 

Is it worth the effort to follow 4 Laws and hunches? That is for you to decide. I know they are. I suppose it will depend on how much you want what you say you want.

Next will be Law # 3 that is of vital importance to getting what you want in life.