The art of visualization has had some great publicity in recent years especially since The Secret exploded into bookstores and then on to DVD. Since then more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon and churning out information every other week.

You maybe one those people who has bought the books, watched the movies and heard the guru’s tell you how easily it is to get what you want through visualizing.

But let me ask you a question: Did you get $ 30,000 or $ 50, 000 suddenly and magically appear in your bank account in 30 days or less?

I didn’t think so. They all fail to tell you about the Laws to successful visualization. ‘Laws’ in this instance rightly suggest that something has to be done, or followed, in order for it to work successfully. They don’t want to tell you there is something that must be done by you. That might deter you and result in lower book sales. So please don’t think they will be telling you there are 4 things you must do.

And I feel very strongly about this hence me sharing these 4 Laws with you. This mis-information, spewed out by books and gurus everywhere, has trampled over the dreams of those who wanted it-needed it-to work in their lives. If you are one of these people I can only say to you don’t give up on being able to access this infinite power that sits quietly inside of you, patiently waiting for you to tap into it.

With my personal experiences of getting what I want in life, willingly adhering to the 4 Laws and seeing others get what they once thought was impossible, I am a firm believer in the power of creative visualization. And you should be too. I am going to share these 4 Laws with you. I have also broken some of these Laws along the way, with devastating effect. Never again, I can tell you.

Incidentally, if you want a great example of creative visualization in action and the infinite power you can also use, read up on swimmer Michael Phelps training regimen. I also devote a whole chapter to it in my book, ‘Ignite the Spark, Explode Your Results’.

Anyway, without further ado I will get on with it and dive in with the first.

Law # 1- You must pass your test

The first and most important law is the ability to pass your test when you start to visualize. Everyone gets one. Furthermore, it does not matter what you are trying to attract into your life your test will soon arrive once you have dedicated or set aside time to visualize.

So what is this test?

It is simple. It works like this. Let us say you are visualizing more money flowing into your life. You are picturing all the details, feeling all the joy as you do so. All those wonderful things you can do with your new found wealth. Such as jetting off on dream holidays, the brand new car, a beautiful home or more free time (Please see previous blog if you missed it) After about ten days or so, if you have been practicing every day, your test will appear.

Now because you have chosen money coming to you, your test will be in the form of money leaving you. This could be unexpected bills, an old debt resurfacing that you had previously written off, your car breaking down, a leak in the roof in your house-literally anything. But whatever shape or form it arrives in it will always be the opposite to whatever you want.

Whether you are religiously minded or whether you prefer to think of Universal Forces (Your beliefs are okay) because all thoughts are energy, I believe this test is simply asking us, “Are you sure this what you want?”

So how you respond to the test is key. If you dwell on the initial doubts which is automatic and natural for a minute or so, you will not pass your test. And by dwelling I mean for any amount of time of exceeding ten minutes at a time; or it resulting in you not visualizing for that day.

Simply recognize that it is just that; a test. A test to see if that is what you really want. Go to your space and visualize again as soon as you can. Replace the doubts quickly. Knowing it is a test makes the process very easy. You can smile at it, even laugh at it, because you now KNOW it is just a test.

If you do this, then the Universe or God, whichever you believe in, will take you seriously and then either one of them will start to help you. Little ‘coincidences’ will start to show up in your life, which are just the signs that what you want is on its way.

If you don’t pass this test and you stop visualizing for any amount of time and then decide to restart later, you will get a bigger test or more tests. And this time you will be asked, “Is this what you really want? Are you absolutely sure? I mean last time you sort of didn’t really show me this is what you wanted?”

Why? Because you didn’t show any faith in the powers that be.

The Good News

The great news is once you have passed your test, you don’t get another. I have often found that the bigger the test, the bigger the rewards afterwards.

I remember my test once came in the form of a house fire (Nobody was hurt luckily) and losing virtually everything I owned that had any value, the day after my house insurance expired. But the up-coming rewards afterwards changed and shaped my whole life for the better.

Become a super optimist. Pass your test and keep that picture of whatever you want firmly and vividly in your mind and you will soon be attracting it into your outer world.

If of course you don’t break Law # 2. Which is coming next. And law # 2 is shorter.

See you soon.