How often have you said or thought to yourself, I will do this task or that job when I am feeling motivated? I know it used to happen to me a lot, especially when it came to writing my book.

Nowadays, I have learned that motivation usually comes after action. There are times when I don’t feel like writing but have found that once I get started the motivation soon follows.

But motivation is a funny thing. I have coached a lot of people that mistakenly thought motivation should be with us at all times. That is nigh on impossible.

Yet we can be motivated – and that includes feeling inspired – to achieve what we want, more of the time by using one simple but unused technique.

The One Technique to Staying Motivated More of The Time

Motivation to me is the feeling of wanting to take action. Even wanting to do those little pesky tasks we are not that much interested in.

The majority of people do not have any goals written down at all

I feel motivated most of the time. And this simple, mostly unused but highly powerful technique, will help you stay motivated to take the necessary actions so you can achieve what you want.

The strategy to use – no drum roll needed – is to have an exciting goal or outcome.

Yes, it is that simple. But just because something is common knowledge does not always mean it is common practice.

And I can vouch that most people do not have an exciting, detailed goal written down. In fact most people, do not have any goals written down at all.

Are You Aiming for Something Exciting?

You must have your end goal in mind. Your outcome must be seen by you in vivid detail.

Recently a client a came to me and she said she was demotivated and full of procrastination. I asked her where she saw herself in 3, 6 or 9 months time.

I immediately noticed that she had to think about it for a minute or so. She didn;t give me a clear picture or any real details of where she would like to be or what she was aiming for.

So we created some exciting goals together, and one of them fuelled her with so much energy it shone through her there and then!

When we had our follow up session just a few days later she told me with relief, that her procrastination had completely disappeared and her motivation had skyrocketed.

It instantly showed in her tone of voice and body language. Her passion and joy rubbed off on me and got me excited too.

Be detailed, specific and make your written down goal really exciting and your motivation will naturally skyrocket too

So what if I asked you the same question? Would you instantly smile? Would your eyes naturally light up and sparkle? Would your tone of voice have a touch of excitability to it?

Would you have those warm, fuzzy-like feelings immediately appear in your tummy?

Would you be able to paint me a picture? Would your sentences be clear and concise and told as if well rehearsed?

That is how it should sound, feel and look to you.

Of course you also need to believe that it is possible for you to achieve. You can test your levels of belief here if you wish.

Gets You Through The Tough Times

All big goals  meet with some obstacles of various sizes. When you have that vivid outcome to fall back on, your motivation will kick in and you will feel more enthusiasm to overcome that roadblock by taking the best action possible.

Yes, having this exciting outcome anchored in your mind works wonders for internal motivation; the strongest kind of motivation that forges us ahead.

I have over 20 goals written down that I look at every day. But I always make sure I have that one encouraging, huge and exciting goal that I am working towards. It really helps me to keep plugging away at what I want more of the time.

It is so compelling, I want it so badly, it gets me up earlier in the morning. I often feel like a dog pulling on its lead. I just cannot wait for the goal to arrive.

It keeps my motivation levels higher than average. It helps me overcome those barriers that will show up now and again. This technique even keeps me motivated to take action when all the odds of achieving what I want and have written down, appear to be against me.

And it encourages me to do those pesky tasks we call boring.

What are your thoughts? What works to keep you motivated more of the time? I would love to hear what you think below.