We all have doubt or doubts from time to time I guess that is natural. It is when our doubts outweigh our belief in what we can achieve that it becomes a burden. So how do we overcome personal doubt so we can achieve what we want?

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Anyway, on with today’s post.

How to Overcome Doubt

In all my years of studying people I have come to a conclusion about us human beings. And it is this: The majority of us tend to doubt what we are truly capable of more than how much we believe what we can accomplish.

If doubt and belief were on a set of a scales it would be lopsided in favour of doubt.

If we believed more and doubted less we would astound ourselves.


Most doubts are caused by that inner voice in the shape of destructive thoughts. I have blogged before about how you can silence your inner critic with these 3 powerful strategies.


You are capable of so much more than you think. Virtually anything you want that you set your mind to can be yours. You are an incredible person who has all the resources inside of you to succeed and you have greatness within just waiting to be unleashed.

Your dreams are achievable!

And if you are currently filled with doubt then you need to start believing that things can be different. Because they can.

Believing you can is easier than believing you can’t and, it makes you happier and healthier in the process.

Get a Compelling Goal

I am presuming here you have doubts because you already have goals. But is your goal (or goals) compelling? By compelling I mean do they excite you? Do you get butterflies in your tummy when you think about them? Do they wake you up early in the morning? Or keep you up at night?

They should be.

A compelling goal is like rocket fuel propelling you forwards. When you have a goal like this doubt is automatically reduced.

How to Create a Compelling Goal

To create something compelling that will keep you pressing forward the best way to do this is to create a mental video. Start with the end in mind.

What will it look like when you have already achieved your goal? What will you be seeing, hearing, feeling and maybe even tasting, when you have reached it? Put this video together so it is bright, colourful and loud. Be in the video looking through your own eyes at what you see.

A compelling goal will naturally reduce doubt in the mind and increase your personal belief

Make it exciting. Remember you are seeing the end result. Imagine how you will be feeling when you have achieved this goal. Feelings are vital.

Think big. Whatever Goal You have Right Now, Magnify It

Ensure that your video is specific and highly detailed (This is not a post about setting outcomes).

Have snippets, just like a trailer for a film, that you can play when stuck in traffic or waiting in a queue. Or when those doubts creep into your thinking.

You are the producer of your mental video. Put in it whatever you want. Dream big

Your main video can be up to 15 minutes long. Play it every morning before you start your day. When you do this you will see that any doubts naturally start fading.

I believe in making goals bigger (because doubt tends to force us to underestimate ourselves). So if for example your goal is to get your team achieving company records, then why not go for industry records instead?

Imagine achieving that! If you can, put it in your video. You are the producer.

If you are currently going through a daunting period where doubt is higher than usual, then play your video twice. Once in the morning and once before you sleep.

This compelling and exciting video of your magnificent end goal that you create and play every day, will help you tremendously. It will put the spotlight on belief for what is possible and tip the scales in your favour.

Now, go show the world that you are a unique and extraordinary person. Make it a better place to live with your extraordinary achievements.