A young student approached his Master as he walked next to the river as the sun was rising. “Master,”  he enquired rather nonchalantly, “I want the knowledge and wisdom you have. How do I get it?”

The wise master grabbed the newbie by the back of his neck, swung him round and shoved his head under the water of the river. The student struggled and flapped his arms as the Master held him below the surface for over a minute or more.

The student started to get weaker and so did his wrestling to break free. But still the Master held him under the cold water. Eventually, just as the very life was draining out of him, the Master pulled him out.

“What was the one thing you wanted whilst you were under the water?”asked the Master calmly, waiting for the young man to get his full breath back.

The student, gasping and spluttering, thought for a minute or so then replied, “Air! The only thing I wanted was air! I thought I was going to die!”

“When you want the wisdom and knowledge I have, as much as you wanted the air a few moments ago, you will find it and get it” replied the wise Master.

You Have To Want What You Want, Passionately

The great English novelist, playwright and scriptwriter J. B Priestly was once asked how he became such a famous writer since some of his equally gifted peers, as youth, had not excelled (In fact the majority of them had not written anything). He responded: “The difference between us was not in ability, but in the fact that they merely toyed with the fascinating idea of writing. I cared like blazes! It is this caring like blazes that counts

What is it that you say you want? What are your dreams, goals and aspirations? But more importantly, how much do you really want it? Are you singlemindedly pursuing what you want? Are you acting as if your whole life depended on it?

Wishing is simply not enough. That’s why those New Year Resolutions you set have probably disappeared by now. You simply don’t want them enough.

The weather, other people, petty minds, distractions from media, obstacles and the like should not be able to deter you from your dreams. Not if you want what you want badly enough.

Compelling Mental Videos

You must make your outcome compelling. A bright, loud video showing everything you will see, hear and feel when you have what you want. This compelling video must be replayed every day in your mind.

You must have that fire in your belly, burning away everyday. Nothing can or will stop you from achieving it (Whatever it is you want). You must also cultivate a knowing that you will succeed. You should be jumping out of bed each and every morning with joy. procrastination, success, happiness

When Spielberg started out he was so excited each morning that he often forgot to eat breakfast. That is how much he wanted to be a filmmaker. That is passion.

When you are this determined and filled with belief and passion you will be a long way towards getting what you want.

Anything other than this is just wishing. And wishing won’t get you anywhere.

Get creating that compelling mental video now. Play it everyday, evening and night, and then simply take the action necessary to get you there.

It’s the Easiest Way to Beat Procrastination – Instantly 

Every day you should have a spring in your step; when you have this compelling video, when you know you are going to get what you want, nothing deters you. You should be like one of those (untrained) dogs pulling on the lead (Leash) as it eagerly wants to get to the park. Complaining stops, happiness increases when you know, without any doubt, that you will be living your dream and nothing can stop you.

This knowing, this compelling, exciting and motivating video you create, eliminates procrastination instantly. When I coach people and they tell me they are suffering from constantly delaying taking action, more often than not, they have no compelling goals to aim towards or they don’t want what they want passionately enough.

Think about it, if you did and you have cultivated this inner knowing that you will get what you want, then you cannot procrastinate, it’s impossible. You will act according to your consistent thoughts; it is known as the Law of Consistency.

Anything really is possible. Believe it, know it and act on it.

Each and every day you should be taking action or steps towards what you want, no matter how small the steps. Initially of course, take big action, build the momentum. Like pushing a car, once you get going it gets easier.

Time is no longer an excuse if you are having to work in another job while building or working on your dreams. All the successful people you have met only have (Or have had) 7 days in their weeks too.

Remember, each morning, leap out of bed with real enthusiasm knowing you will be another step closer to your dreams. Love life. Love what you are aiming for and love the process of getting there. Nothing can stop you. Anything really is possible.

You can do it!

Passionately yours,

Rob Hamilton

Your Awesome Coach