If I were to ask you how much the rest of your life would be worth to you, what would you answer? Now I don’t mean the life you might be leading now – one of frustration, unhappiness, mundane, no money, stuck in a dead-end a job, bad relationship etc.

The answer to a question like that could well get a smaller value. A lot smaller.

No, the context of the question is different.

How much would your greatest life ever be worth to you? If you could have anything you wanted…if you could achieve all those dreams and actively be in your greatest life ever – What would you be willing to pay right now, to get that life?

The other question I would like to pose to you is this:

How much in monetary terms is not living that life costing you right now? In real pounds and dollars?

You see if it is success, a higher paying job or a great business doing what you love…how much is that costing you by not having it?

(There are other just as important costs by not living the life you want too. Health, happiness, better relationships, less stress and anxiety etc)

If your online devices were broken…

I bet if your all your devices failed and you couldn’t get online you would be seeking help to fix it immediately. You wouldn’t be waiting. You wouldn’t expect them all to repair themselves without help either.

Your train of thought wouldn’t be. “I know what I will keep struggling to get back online. I will keep trying with this broken android. Maybe it will just fix itself”

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, but the lives of those around you. Robin Sharma

Yet when it comes to living the life you really want to lead, you hesitate. You don’t seek help. You are reluctant to invest in yourself. Yet is the best investment you will ever make. Not just for you, but for the lives of those around you. And I would go a step further than what the great Robin Sharma says.

If you are living your greatest life, you can touch the lives and experiences of more people than you probably know.

As an example. Let’s say you have a great book idea inside of you. But you are full of procrastination and lack self-confidence. Now imagine if you had both of those barriers removed completely?

And just think if you then had some beliefs of excellence installed into your mind…12 months later your book is published. It becomes an international bestseller. How many lives would you positively influence and impact? And for how long?

Being an author myself, I speak to a lot of people who want to write and share their unique experiences or story. Yet hardly any of them have written a single line despite their wonderful or inspiring ideas. Why? because they fail to invest in themselves and learn how to write.

I could give you many, many more examples.

So my question to you is, what is holding you back and are you willing to invest in the rest of your life and of the lives of those around you?

In my 14 years or so of successfully coaching others I have found that the barriers in front of people are usually only one or two in number. Self-improvement is not rocket science. It’s not complicated. Once these obstacles to what we want are cleared, the path to getting what you want is so much easier, quicker and enjoyable.

Yes my friends, invest in yourself. Make the right investment. Spend wisely. There are a lot of coaches out there and unfortunately, although they have good intentions, they aren’t all equal.

I am a published author, NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist™, Life Enhancement Coach (Dip) and have successfully been getting breakthroughs with my clients for 14 years. Some of those breakthroughs come within minutes. I have never coached anyone for more than 6 hours (Most people it is 3).