Unless we are unfortunate to be struck by tragedy or premature illness we all have one thing more or less in common with each other. It doesn’t matter how successful you are or want to be; whether you are rich or poor, educated or uneducated, we are all dealt roughly the same amount of this precious commodity:


It can’t be bargained with, bought or borrowed. We are all given a certain amount of “Time” to spend.

Every day I see people with harried faces, stressed at the thought of another day in a job they despise perhaps or are fed up with the drive through heavy traffic.

People rushing everywhere physically and mentally and with what looks like no purpose other than because they feel they ‘have to’.

There are probably only two regrets you will take to your grave. One; that you didn’t spend more time creating memories with people who matter to you. And two, not giving your dreams a shot

Others worried about tomorrow or the problems of today.

And still others carrying a heavy, unnecessary burden in the form of past hurt or a bad experience around with them for years and years.

And still others fretting over stuff that is maybe only grains of sand in the end of their shoes and moaning as if they were walking with jagged rocks against their bare toes.

And still more people striving for ‘success’ at the total expense of what really matters in life.

Is This the Best or Only Way to Spend Our Precious Time?

No my friend, I don’t think it is.

This evening a photo popped up in my Facebook Memories from 16 years ago. It made me realise how precious time is.

don't waste your time

I’m on the left. This is 16 years ago!

Today (And I have to admit this) I spent a rare day with my sister and my Dad laughing and having a long lunch together. We don’t do family stuff like that anywhere near as often as we should.

I can’t go back in time and change that now. But I can ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.

It seems like only yesterday that my Dad was walking me across the green sewer pipes down our local woods, me as a five year old boy. Now he is 78 years old. And I’m 53.

time is precious

Me and my Dad today

Where has the time gone? I know this: I can’t get it back. It has gone forever.

One of my goals for next year (And beyond) is to ensure that I make more use of my time. I want to spend my ‘time money’ wisely, prudently perhaps.

I don’t throw real money down the drain for the sake of it. I am determined not to do the same with my time.

Of course I have other goals in life too and they are important to me. I am just as determined to achieve those. Yet I refuse to go through life not paying attention to my time.

I am going to make a concerted effort to make more memories with the people who matter in my life.

I am going to get up earlier some days and watch a sunset. Go into nature more often. Notice and appreciate all those little things I have been neglecting too often over time.

Tonight, my Facebook memory reminded me how precious time really is and what matters in life

You know what I mean. Those things I will inevitably think about when my time bank is nearing the red. When that time comes I’m pretty sure most of us won’t be saying, “I wish I could just spend one more hour at the office. Or moaning. Or fretting.” And I certainly won’t be worrying about tomorrow. That aspect of life will be taken from me.

And I certainly don’t want to end my time here thinking “If only I had lived an awesome life…if only I had pursued my passions…” That’s why my other goals are important too.

I do my utmost never to waste my time nowadays. I cringe when I hear people say, “How can we kill some time?”

And because you never really know exactly how much time you have, isn’t it worth pursuing your dreams? Isn’t it worth creating and living an awesome life right now?

Why waste so much time stuck in a job you hate, 40 to 60 hours a week? Why not change it?

And why waste further time moaning and groaning about small stuff, like what you think other people might be thinking of you, for example?

Or why waste beautiful time thinking of that past hurt somebody caused. Why not forgive and let it go?

Time is very, very precious. Why not decide to spend yours wisely from today onwards?

ageing and time

Me 16 years ago

time and age

Me about a year ago. Has time been kind to me?