Quick Thoughts on Suffering Some Frustration

I have been suffering some frustration this past week or so. Why? because as some of you may know I have changed the theme of my site.

I am not used to the layout, how the categories and menus work and other techie stuff.

It’s rather like when you change phones and in particular brands, say from an iphone to a Samsung. All the buttons and settings are different. I am sure you have suffered this yourself at some point in your life.

But I welcome frustration into my life. It means I am learning something new. It might not be frustration I want as I don’t want to become a techie or a WordPress programmer…but it is still very welcome.

At first, I thought the frustration because the theme wasn’t very good. But like most things you learn, it turned about to be pilot error and not the theme.

So the frustration is getting less as I learn more.

My question to you is, when was the last time you were frustrated, in the context of learning something new?

I try and ensure I get frustrated at least once a month…that way I know I am learning and not stagnating.

Stagnation is not good for us. Growing is.