Happiness Can Still Be Found Amidst UpHeaval

Sometimes life can appear to be very unfair. Sometimes it is, just plain old unfair.

Maybe you are experiencing such a time right now. Perhaps you have lost your job or a long term relationship has ended. Further still, you may have been forced to move house, town, city or maybe even Country! Or your business could be struggling and experiencing a downturn.

There could be a 101 upheavals that you are currently going through.

Once the dust has settled, (If you really feel you can’t do this until it has) try looking at things with a different perspective. This doesn’t cause the major change to magically disappear before your eyes. But looking at things from another angle can help you be a little more optimistic.

A Key to Happiness

I am quite positive that if you are over the age of 25 you have more than likely experienced another time in life when everything seemed to be falling apart.

Obviously it is better if we are wearing the safety-hat and in charge of this reconstruction ourselves.

But did it? Life may well have been unravelling at the time. But to rebuild something that is already there it has to be dismantled first. And sometimes it has to be completely demolished.

Could life be doing that for you now? Could it instead be in the process of destroying the old so you can build the new?

If you have been ignoring life’s warning signs for too long it will do the deconstruction work for you.

That’s how I like to look at some of the things that happen to me. Life is simply shedding an old skin ready for a brand new one to grow in its place.

Using hindsight when I look at back other events that have crumbled around me, they have more often than not, led me to pastures new. Brighter, happier pastures.

I am yet to find any situation whereby an optimistic approach made the situation or me, feel worse. 

By taking this outlook it helps me transfer through any major change with renewed optimism and faith that everything will work out for the best. It helps me deal with the current situation, no matter what it is, better. It enables me to approach it with a happier frame of mind and indeed a more open mind.

And therein lies a key to happiness. We can view some of life’s ‘tragedies’ with an attitude of, “Why me? Poor me!” or we can approach them with a sense of optimism and look forward with greater hope.

Life may well tear our old ways down but with this shift in thinking we can then make the most out of our next chapter in life.

It can offer you a unique opportunity to rebuild your life the way you want it. An opportunity that may well be missed if we take the ‘poor me’ way of thinking.

Rob Hamilton

I am a published author and writer of several ebooks. Known as the Mind Coach, I help people unlock their true potential so that they can achieve their dreams and goals and perform better more of the time.

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Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton

Robert is a published author and expert mind coach. A certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy™ and Life Enhancement Coach (Dip). Rob has studied the mind and performance for 30 years.

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