There are lots of distractions around. But I think life has always had stuff that lead people away from their goals. I really don’t think that much has changed over time. Why? Because lots of people look for excuses as to why they can’t do something, and time seems to be a really good excuse to use.

It serves them well when they are self-justifying their poor results.

‘No Time’ as an Excuse

I this hear from lots of people who I coach about the excuse of time. They just can’t seem to ‘Find the time’ or, ‘If I had more time’ then they would surely pursue that goal, see their family, write that book, learn that new skill.

I ask my clients (Sometimes, not always) “If I could give you an extra 79 hours a month, would you be able to achieve more? Would you be able to write that book for instance?” They all answer with a resounding “Yes”.

Would you give the same answer?

All of the successful people you meet, read about and know, who are peak performers, only have 24 hours in their days too

With a few probing questions it is very easy to discover what these clients, who use time as an excuse, are actually doing with it.

In most cases they seem to fritter it away on TV,  computer games, surfing the internet, watching movies, going out, getting up late etc. When this is pointed out to them they soon realise that in most cases it is not the time they don’t have enough of, but how they choose to spend it.

TV and the internet seem to be the most two popular pastimes that distract people away from what they want. This aspect of time I have blogged about before.

Increase Your Performance and Productivity

Now you may think the next few points are so simplistic that they are insulting to your intelligence, and I suppose they will be; if you currently spend your time wisely. If that is the case I apologise. However, should you fall into the category of using the excuse, “If only I had more time” then it’s time to wake up, take note and use them.

In the next month try the following:

  • Cut down your TV watching by 1 hour a day – GAIN 30 hours a month
  • Cut down your internet surfing by 1 hour per day – GAIN 30 hours per month
  • Get up just half an earlier than you do now – GAIN 15 hours per month
  • Don’t go out once, for one month – GAIN 4 hours. 

Total Time Gained is a whopping 79 hours per month!

Let me repeat that so you can soak it up: Seventy nine hours per month!

robert d hamilton

Now look at this time gained over a longer period:

  • That’s a colossal 237 hours gained over 3 months
  • That’s a titanic 474 hours GAINED over 6 months
  • That’s a gargantuan 948 hours GAINED over 12 months!

Can you just imagine what you could achieve with all this ‘extra’ time? Do you think this would increase your performance, make you more productive and increase your results? You bet it would.

Of course you could argue that you don’t spend so much time watching mindless TV or surfing meme’s of cats on the internet each day. But have you ever consciously added up the time you waste doing these things?

Time wastage, my definition: If you are using more than 1-hour a day, every day, doing something that is not productive or driving you towards your goals

With all those hours gained, you could learn a brand new skill. You could write that book. You could start that business. Re-learn existing skills and become more of an expert. Even if you employed this strategy for just one month, think for a moment how much it would increase your productivity.

That increase in performance with this time would ensure your results skyrocket.

Time is a coin we have to spend in life. But how are you spending yours? Maybe it’s time to rid yourself of the excuse that you never have enough?

It’s your choice and it’s your time. Use it wisely. But never complain there is not enough time.