Most first time growers of bamboo often call the garden centre where they bought it and ask the same question. “Why isn’t my bamboo growing?”

They have been nurturing it, watering it and tending to it for months. But the bamboo just sits there and does nothing. Not one spurt of growth or expansion has taken place. It baffles the new growers.

Surely it must have done something in all this time?

Then suddenly, many months later, just when the new green-fingered eco warrior least expects it, the bamboo experiences rapid and mammoth growth. It surges upwards to great heights in about 60 days. In fact, it grows at a rate of about 3 to 5 cm an hour!

After the huge hike is over, the bamboo only expands outwards for about the next 4 years or so.

Our Personal and Professional Goals Are Almost the Same

Sometimes what we want in life or business works in the same way. We work hard. We tend to our goals, take the action necessary and remain faithfully optimistic.

And nothing happens. Zilch.

Quitting should rarely be an option

At these times we can question ourselves if we are on the right track; if we will indeed succeed. Powerful and highly convincing doubts can enter our thinking, conjured up by our inner critic.

The urge to quit can be strong. Unfortunately, too many people do.

Quitting is Rarely the Answer

But just like the bamboo you could be close to a huge hike in advancement too. You could quite literally, be an inch away from achieving your breakthrough.

I know it can be difficult knowing when and when not to quit.

Unlike the bamboo…

There is a subtle difference between bamboo and the pursuit of our goals.

Life will quite often show you a sign you are on the right track.

I remember when I started coaching and was diligently chipping away at getting clients. But nothing was happening. No clients. Dinada.

Of course, I suffered the doubts too but pressed on. There were times I contemplated quitting. But I persisted.

One night when I had an attack of severe doubts I told my inner critic to shut up and asked myself what was going right. It was at this point that I had in fact had 4 or 5 enquiries for my services, but the clients couldn’t afford my fees.

I didn’t lower them and accept the clients even though it was tempting, and the money could have paid some bills.

But strangely, I had overlooked these signs, which is what they were, that what I was doing was working. I knew at this time that soon, the right people would find me. And they did.

So if you have been working hard and your mind is in the right place too (Your doubts aren’t ruling your thinking most of the time) keep chipping away. Don’t give up. And don’t give up hope.

Yes the urge to quit can be high, especially if you are short financially. But give it more time. Increase your effort. Stay optimistic. Look for any ‘signs’ that you are on the right track, and there will be something.

But don’t quit. You can do it. You will get there.

You could literally be a whisker away from huge results or a hair away from getting what you want in life. Your rapid growth (Achievement) could arrive anytime soon.

And you will be so glad you didn’t quit when you get your surge towards what you want.