Finally, Finding Who I am as a Coach (And a Small Apology Thrown in)

A couple of years ago I decided to leave where I was working and start my own coaching business. It was a big decision to make. Apart from earning a great salary, enjoying super working conditions and working with people who I was friends with and liked, it also meant a major upheaval as it meant leaving the country I called home.

It also meant stepping into the unknown, which I found exciting.

Nothing in life is guaranteed after all, as the world says.

Strangely enough one of the biggest challenges of it all was finding who I was as a coach. When I coach other entrepreneurs this is something I find quite easy to help them with, but struggled for a while when it came to me.

For some unknown reason I was in two minds as to what I should be called.

You cannot be all things to all people or you risk being nothing for everybody.

I did ask two other coaches who I know and another couple of trusted sources. I got different answers from each, which only added to my confusion.

So I played around with who I was. I jumped and flitted from being The Mind Coach to The Awesome Coach. And not just on here, but on my Facebook page too.

Other people are rightly known as The Relationship Coach or The Success Coach, The Money Coach, The Weight Loss Coach and so forth. But three of these were all known as Life Coaches for a while before they found who they were as coaches.

Finally, I have now decided on being The Mind Coach. Why? because I have studied the mind for over 28 years. It is the one thing that fascinates me more than anything else. When I coach others I focus on their mind and their perspectives on things.

FB for blog

It is what I read about and study. It is what I am passionate about. It is something I can talk about for hours on end. How we think, how our beliefs are formed and how they can be changed; how we are conditioned, how others can influence us and much more, all fascinates me.

The answer, you could say, was staring me in the face.

Everything begins in the mind

When I look at the people who I coach and how I coach them, the vast majority of those sessions have been helping people see things in a different light or tapping into and unleashing the unlimited potential held within their own mind.

For example;

  • If somebody wants better results as an athlete I coach their mental approach (And have done very successfully) to their sport.
  • If somebody wants a better relationship I don’t give them practical strategies to make that relationship better; I coach their mental attitude to that particular relationship, or perhaps unearth a limiting belief they hold and change that.
  • If I coach a sales team to increased performance I don’t give them the latest sales or closing techniques; but I will coach them on their mental approach like how to get motivated, deal with rejection or build better rapport.
  • If somebody wants to earn more more money I don’t coach them on how to build a successful portfolio but I might coach them on their self-worth or again, unlock a deep rooted limiting belief about money so they can be more open to earning or making more.
  • If an entrepreneur wants to build their business the very first task I perform is to discover what their purpose is for their business; both for themselves and their customers. Everything else flows from this purpose, in my opinion. I need to know that they have the mental capacity to grow that business to million dollar status and beyond (If they want to grow that large of course).

You maybe thinking this blog post is more like a sales letter of self-promotion. It is not. If I wanted to do that I would write one and send you to it. No, this is to help anyone else out there to be patient if they have started their own business and and are yet to find their niche or who they are.

As I read on a trusted source once, finding who you are in business exactly, or your niche, can take time. As long as the wait does not prevent you from working on your business, it’s okay. The answer will soon come, they said.

And they are right.

So for those of you who have followed my blogs or my Facebook page and have witnessed the changes in my tagline or the photo in my header, I do apologise.

Now I am sticking to what I do best and what I love. From now on I shall only be…

robert d hamilton, the mind coach


Coach Robert

Robert is an author and has built a sought-after reputation as The Mind Reading Coach because of how quickly he knows what mental obstacles are holding people back. He has climbed into the minds of TV Celebrities, sports pro's, authors, millionaires, entrepreneurs, artists and other amazing folk from 33 different countries.

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