You are where you are in life, wherever that place maybe, because of the choices you have made in your past; they have led you to the exact circumstances you now find yourself in. It therefore makes sense that the choices you make today (And tomorrow) will determine where you will be this time next year. In short, your choices determine your outcomes.

Think about this.

  • You choose to stay in your boring job
  • You choose to stay in the relationship that is lopsided and hurtful
  • You choose to think the thoughts you think
  • You choose to live where you live (Or you chose this in the past)
  • You choose not to spend an hour to write down your goals
  • You choose to go out spending the bonus you have just received on things that will provide instant gratification rather than on a few new books or other learning tools
  • You choose to watch mindless TV every evening

And the list goes on and on.

This morning, I choose to sit and write this blog. I could choose, right now, to surf the net, watch TV or do a 1001 other things. After this I will choose to get my self into my writing state of mind and press on with a new chapter of my second book.

Get it clear in your mind that everything in life is a choice; your choice.

people make the best choices

You will make the best choices available to you

In case you are not liking some of the choices you have made in the past, let me give you some good news so you don’t have to trudge through the rest of your life with the burden of regret on your shoulders.

You have made the best choices so far in your lifeĀ and will continue to do so, based on the knowledge, resources and therefore options available to you.

(And, incidentally, other people have made their best choices too. You may wish to ponder on this)

Let me explain what I mean if I may.

We carry around with us a tool bag of choices when faced with any situation. Lets say your boss walks in and criticizes your work that you feel was a job well done. You will reach down into your bag of tools and respond with the best option you have available. That might be to get upset, feel down hearted and and mope around for the rest of the day. For others, they may have a choice-tool to look at it as valuable feedback, or simply know the boss is under a lot of pressure that particular morning and will change her tune later on.

The point I want you to grasp is that you will respond according to the best choice you have available to you.

The whole point of a good coach is therefore to give you more choices to whatever outcome you wish to achieve. It is the whole purpose to my coaching and mentoring.

Keep Learning

If paying a coach is out of your reach at the moment then keep learning. Read books, attend seminars or watch videos that offer you more knowledge for your desired outcome. Fill your bag with as many choice-tools as you possibly can for the outcome you desire. That way, when faced with a situation that requires a choice, you will reach in and pick out the best option.

And that my friend, is now your personal choice because I have just placed that option into your tool kit or bag of resources.

What are you going to choose to do now?