Doubt Your Doubts Before You Doubt Your Faith

This article was originally written for and published by The Seeds 4 Life

“Doubt Your Doubts Before You Doubt Your Faith” Dieter F Uchtdorf

Sometimes, a bolt of inspiration strikes us and we become motivated to change our lives, get our dream job or maybe start that business. We then write out in our minds a beautiful vision of all the things we are going to achieve. How our life will be richer, happier, healthier and more fulfilling. We feel truly unstoppable, excited and enthusiastic about the times that will soon be ours.

That is of course, until our inner critic comes into our mind. It reminds us, very convincingly at times, how those goals are not for us, we cannot possibly live a wonderful life like that and we shouldn’t dream so big. It causes us to doubt ourselves, and our worthiness to have the life all of us truly desire and deserve.

But do you ever question that inner voice, which is only expressing an opinion? Do you ever stop and doubt your doubts? What your inner voice says is not always the truth, no matter how convincing it may sound.

So the next time you hear that inner critic attacking your goals and dreams, remember to doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith to get what you want. This will strengthen your self-belief. And when you believe, I mean truly believe, that’s when the magic happens.

Coach Robert

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