Virtually everybody on the planet wants more. More money, more free time, more success and more symbols of success in the form of material possessions. But let me ask you a question if I may and see what is the first thing that pops into your mind.

If you could choose just one thing that you could have more of, what would it be?

If you were to ask the 7 billion people on the planet what would they would like more of in their life if they could choose just one thing, I reckon 95% would answer: money. You may well have answered the same.

Now although you desire more money, you could actually be silently repelling the very thing you want more of without ever really knowing you are doing it.

Let me ask you a few quick questions. What do you think of rich people? What are your first thoughts? Are they that rich people are con-men? ‘Users’?  Just lucky? Or do ‘greedy’, heartless, ruthless, despicable bankers spring to mind? How do you feel when you see wealthy people on boats, driving the best cars, living in a mansion or dressed in that expensive suit?

virtually everybody wants more money

Do you want more money?

And here’s another couple. How do you feel and what do you think when you see on TV that a rich person has abused their position at work, or worse still, committed a heinous crime? What are your reactions when you see somebody wealthy being extremely rude?

In most cases a lot of people will associate the above acts and character traits with the money and not with the person.

Think about it, most people don’t get so het up when a poor person has committed the same acts. I read about plenty of poor people who commit crimes, are rude, abuse their position at work, are con-men and the like.

You see if you think of rich people as nasty, con-artists, liars, thieves, abusive or any other negative, unlikeable trait you are silently pushing money-the very thing you want most-away from you. It is like you are spraying yourself with a money repellent!

Everybody wants to be liked. We all want love and acceptance in our lives. If you associate negative traits and behaviour with money, then how are you going to be liked and accepted?

You won’t want to get more of the very thing you desire most, because you are associating negative, unlikeable traits with it. And remember, everybody wants acceptance and to be liked (One of the main reasons facebook became instantly popular and still is).

These negative associations naturally pushes money away from you. And imagine if you believe in the mis-quoted saying associated with wealth, ‘Money is the root of all evil’. If anyone thinks like that they will never be able to accumulate more money. Who wants to be thought of as ‘Evil?’ (The actual Biblical quote is, The love of money is the root of all evil; but that’s another blog)

These negative thought patterns regarding money can keep you in a life of frustration and struggle and prevents you from ever being truly happy because of the incessant want for more. The latter rather like having a permanent itch you are unable to scratch.

What I must also add here is that for a lot of people, this thinking is taking place on an unconscious level. You may not even be aware of it. Hence why you see so many people trying desperately to accumulate more, never really doing so and wondering why the hell not? It is my belief that this is also one of the major reasons that compels people who do make money, to squander it and fritter it away.

Money (like power), is simply an amplifier. When anyone has any of these two tools in abundance it highlights what is already in their character. It is not the money that has made them that way. They were already like it.

Thinking this way, whether consciously or unconsciously is not necessarily your fault. The media, your parents, peers and some will say, even your environment plays a part in conditioning you to think this way. Take the media for example. The ‘Fat cats’ (There’s another negative association for you; who wants to be ‘fat’?) messing up, give better viewing figures and sell more newspapers. In films, who are always depicted the ‘bad’ guys? The rich, right? Who is the hero, the likeable character? The poor guy or girl right?

Be mindful of your thinking. Question what you truly believe about money. Are those beliefs getting you more or are they keeping you trapped in a world of want?

Incidentally, the same rule applies as to how you see success in all its forms: relationships, happiness, work and business.

Question those beliefs my friends. By questioning them you are bringing them to a conscious awareness which in turn helps you change them. And if your beliefs about money aren’t serving you then get rid of them. Change them right now.