If you are one of my regular, esteemed blog followers you will know I am a big advocate of reading-and reading plenty. I have an extensive library and friends who come visit me, will always see books lying around in the gathering corner of my home. You can gain so much. But this isn’t a post about reading but an article that sprouts from my reading…if you get my drift.

A few months ago I read about a tribe in a remote part of Africa who devised a great plan to catch the local monkeys. What they do is drill a small hole in a tree and then place inside a sweet, delicious nut that is irresistible to the monkey’s taste buds, and then they quietly slip off out of sight.

During the darkness, with the temptation of the nut nestled in the tree, the monkeys venture down and place their arm in the hole in the tree and grab their treasured prize. But as the monkey tries to withdraw its arm, the hand, now as a clenched fist, cannot come out from the hole in the tree; it is now too big.

But what does the monkey do? If it let go of the nut it could simply run back to the safety of the heights of the trees. But it doesn’t. A little later, as more monkeys come to claim their small nut, the villagers appear from their hiding places and club the monkey’s to their untimely death. All because the monkey is holding tightly onto the nut. If they had simply let go, they could have slipped their arm out of the hole in the tree and escaped. Even as they see the villagers approach armed with weapons, they still cling tightly to the nut. They see their fellow companions getting clubbed to death, yet they still hold steadfastly to the nut. They cannot let go. The small prize, in their minds, far outweighs the fact that they are trapped and the awful fate that is to soon to befall them.

But remember, this trap is self-imposed. Let go of the nut, escape-and live.

This got me thinking that sometimes us human beings are also like the monkeys and their attitude towards the nuts. We hold onto things that may well be best we let go of.

Could you be holding onto something that is to your detriment? Maybe you are holding onto a belief, or a set of beliefs that do not serve you? Perhaps you are holding onto a relationship that has truly died and has gone past the point of saving? May be you are holding onto past hurts or experiences that you would be better off releasing from your thinking? Or could you be holding onto a business that is past the point of salvage? You may even be grasping tightly to goals that are going nowhere? And they could be personal or business.

The other scary observation I have made with some people is that they also hold onto things when doing so could lead to dire consequences. They are the same as the monkey in their thinking and attitude. They know it is going to be bad for them and yet they still refuse to let go.

For example, I see this amongst business owners and entrepreneurs. They hold on to a dying business in the hope that the fortunes of the business will turn around; it will work, even though all the evidence shows otherwise. Or the business is simply not viable and has not generated any significant earnings over a long period of time, they still continue toying with it. Because of the Law of Effort expended in the business, they simply cannot let go. The business is the nut, the owner is the monkey and the outside market forces are the villagers just waiting to kill it or killing it dead.

Another area where this is common, again in my observations, is relationships. People just cannot let go. The relationship is destroying them emotionally and spiritually and is way past the point of reconciliation but they hold on for grim death. Their love is not reciprocated in any form and in some cases they are actually being psychologically abused (And sadly, physically). Yet they cannot let go. They remain in their self-imposed, loveless prison.

So my friends, take an honest look at what you could be holding on to. Is there anything you need to let go of? What will happen if you don’t let go? What could happen if you do?

I quite often review ideas, feelings, beliefs and other things to ensure that I am not holding onto stuff I would be better off without.

You may want to do the same.

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