So how has this year gone for you?

What about 2014?

Or the year before that? Were you, or have you, been drifting through life, getting the same old useless and frustrating results?

So when are you going to draw that line in the sand and say enough is enough?

The great news is you know, past performance does not have to be an indicator or predictor of future performance. You can change what is to come.

You are in full control of your destiny. You and you alone are driving the vehicle that decides where you arrive.

In my own life I have just recently drawn my own line in the sand. I have finally screamed in my mind that I am not going to get this particular result in my life ever again.

I’ve had enough. I’m officially sick and tired of being sick and tired with this result in my life.

I have now made the decision that it will not repeat itself ever again. And I mean ever. It is an outcome that has sprung from somewhere deep in my unconscious mind no doubt. But now that I have made my decision, I think about it no more.

Time to re-question and challenge some of my beliefs. That’s the best way to tackle it. No point in beating myself up about it. It’s happened.

So what about you? You may well desire change. You may well be thinking of new changes in the New Year. You may even be excited with your thoughts of what could be. But don’t most people just ‘wish’ at this time of year? Isn’t everyone temporarily happy with wishes of a brighter future right now?

Until such time you reach the point I have recently reached (Or most people come to that) you will carry on getting the same poor results as you got last year. And the year before. And if change does not occur, you will be having the exact same wishes this time next year.

Take the first step to change it right now. Draw your line in the sand.

What are you prepared to do to ensure you get different, better, improved results next year?