How are your days going? I mean really, how do they pan out from when you awake in the morning to when you go to bed? And how do you wake up? By that I mean, what sort of mood hits you for the day ahead? Are you dreading what lies before you? Do you grudgingly set off to work?

Or is there a spring in your step? Are you raring to go? Are you excited by the tasks you know you will be performing? Are you over-flowing with enthusiasm?

You should be.

You see I feel pumped today. And I do almost every day of the week. Why? Because I have my grand vision, my purpose, my goals. I remind myself of them each morning when I wake up. I sit quietly for a few minutes playing the same mental video over and over. The film contains all the details of what I will be doing, seeing, feeling, speaking and being when I have achieved what I am setting out to achieve.

Enthusiasm is like rocket fuel for the mind. And enthusiasm feeds off compelling goals

This helps me overcome small obstacles and those niggly tasks that befall us all. This mental video keeps me focused, disciplined and enthusiastic; not just for my work, but for life itself.

This is the importance of compelling goals. Knowing that better times are ahead…knowing that they must come to pass in my life-why on earth should I be miserable and moaning? How can I be down in the dumps for most of my day or week or month?

Now you may well be in what you term as a dead end job. But if you have compelling goals that you know will come to fruition-then how can that job get you down?

review your goals regularly

have you set compelling goals?

Yes, I have done my fair share of ‘mundane’ jobs too. From labouring on building sites to dish-washing 15 hours a day. Whilst in those jobs however, I was viewing them as mere stepping stones to me getting and achieving greater things. I still worked at them passionately and gave them my all.

As a labourer, I did everything that was asked of me and more, regardless of whether or not the task fell into my job scope or not. The project director of the site where I was working told me I was the best labourer he had worked with for almost 20 years and offered me a great salary to stay on (I declined of course).

Do you work at your job with the same passion? You would if you had a compelling goal or goals. Nothing daunts you when you know with a surety that you are going to achieve what you want.

I have some lofty goals. Like I said, I play the mental video with all the details as often as possible. Doing so keeps me going…it keeps me on track.

And more importantly, it keeps me happy virtually all of the time.

So set your goals. Make them big. Make them compelling. And make them happen.