“Change can be the key to preparing the mind for success”

Quite often, depending on where the client is now and what they wish to achieve, I strongly recommend that they go home and have the biggest clear out of stuff they no longer use as they possibly can. I suggest that they give it away to those in need or have a garage sale and earn some petty cash from it.

Why do I do this? Because change, in the different ways it can be used beneficially, can be so important to getting what we want. By having such a major clear out they are informing both their conscious and unconscious mind that change is on the cards and is going to happen. Indeed, it instructs the mind that change is inevitable.

change and stuff

Clear out unwanted stuff…it lets your mind know you are serious for change

Our minds need sameness to a certain degree to keep order and prevent chaos ensuing in our everyday lives. But on the other side of the coin our mind likes to keep things as they are now. It loves and dotes on the familiar. And this is where it can harm us. You see, if we don’t change something, achieving different results is futile. The changes we so desire are just not going to happen. Or if they do our unconscious mind will set about returning us to our former position.

After they have done their clear out and got rid of nonsense stuff (they will probably never, ever use), I ask them to start implementing small changes in different areas of their lives. This way, when the changes they desire start manifesting, their mind will be less likely to fight their improvements and return them back to their former state; or as they were before.

And as I have blogged before, one should never underestimate the mind’s ability to take you back to how things were. Even if that place you were in was uncomfortable or unpleasant.

Small changes on the inside can have a massive impact on the outside

In my opinion sameness kills the spirit. Do I use change in my life? All the time. I hope you noticed I have changed the design of this blog. I do lots of other changes on a constant basis. Not reckless unnecessary changes; just enough to keep me fresh and alive.

So if you aren’t getting the results you want I hope you agree that something must change? It has to change.

Change is beneficial in other ways too. Why not implement some changes just to make you feel more alive?

Here’s three you could easily instigate, couldn’t you?

  • Go offline socially for just one day- Facebook friends will still be there when you get back and I doubt very much you will miss any life-changing event. Go do something different-for a change
  • Drive another route to work-you will be surprised how this tiny technique alone opens up your senses. You see and hear different experiences as you travel (Keep your eyes on the road)
  • Go and watch a movie that you just would not normally watch or read a book you would never read in a hundred years (And finish it)

The benefits of implementing change into your life are vast, trust me. In my book, ‘Ignite the Spark, Explode Your Results‘ I devote the whole of the first chapter to change, I believe it is that important to keeping us fresh and flexible in thought. And it gets the mind used to change.

Change in something you do or the way you think ┬áhas to happen if you don’t like what you are getting now.

Even as you grow from one level to the next, change has to occur. For some people they grow for a short while and then plateaux or stagnate. Moving to the next level feels cumbersome or unattainable. Yes they have grown, but now their mind has become used to the changes. All they need realize is that they simply have to repeat the same efforts as before.

You may know it as the comfort zone. I refer to it as the ‘familiar zone’.

Go make some changes. Be daring with them. Be playful. Enjoy them; they keep your mind healthy and your spirit alive.

What changes have you successfully made recently? And have they been effective?