Quite often I blog about change. Not change for change’s sake but change in the sense of growing or moving out of circumstances, or habits, or thoughts that don’t serve you.

Now change can be a little scary, awkward and uncomfortable at times. It can also take conscious effort and sometimes, even hard work.

But for all the downfalls of changing, if you want to look at change in that way, it still beats the pain and unpleasantness of not changing. Of remaining the same.

When people come to see me to get winning again I admire them. Why? because it takes courage and strength to admit that change is needed. I also know that they are more than likely at the end of their tether. They are finally fed-up with what they are getting. That’s the majority reason people do or will finally change; when they say enough is enough. I blogged about this state before and what one needs to do.

What I find a great tragedy in life are those people that don’t make the changes that they know they should take. The person who stays in the abusive relationship; the employee who keeps working for the same miserly boss in a job they despise; the athlete who is perhaps too proud to seek help when his performance has dropped.

(I understand their reasons why they remain the same, I am just saying that I find it tragic)

Coaching can help you through the process of change; it can help you see that it can be extremely beneficial.

robert d hamilton

I consciously seek out ways I can change. I do this by learning; reading, attending seminars and pushing or challenging myself.

By actively seeking change my mind becomes more used to it. That way, when I do grow, I will be less like to unconsciously press that self-sabotage button and return to my former unwanted state.

So if you are in a situation you do not currently like are you going to make the changes necessary? Let me assure you it is worth the effort and the accompanying feelings of uneasiness. They do not last long. Soon, once change has been instigated you will see your circumstances changing for the better right before your eyes. Soon, you will be hearing better sounds all around you.

And I can assure that any slight pangs of anguish you may feelĀ are far less painful than staying in circumstances that you would rather be out of. Or watching your results or success slip further and further backwards when it needn’t be that way.

Welcome change like a long lost friend. It’s better than the alternative.