In today’s post I am giving away my PowerGrid performance tool so you can seriously boost your results. This powerful tool can be used in conjunction with almost anything you want to improve.

Whether you are an athlete who wants to increase your results or a sales executive wanting to close more deals, this tool will help you focus on and then improve, the key areas that will get you bigger and better results.

I use the PowerGrid to help my personal, paying clients but I am giving it away for free. You can simply download it and you do not have to subscribe to anything or part with your email address.

Yes, I know, it goes against everything any marketer will tell you. Give something away, capture the email address, sell them something later (I am sure you have experienced this many times). Well, I don’t “sell” my coaching services. Why? because if you want to achieve better results, you shouldn’t have to be “sold”.

And besides, I am sure you get enough emails as it is. If you want to hire me as your personal performance (Or life) coach, you’ll follow my blog or simply come back.

How The PowerGrid Tool Works

When you download the PowerGrid Tool it comes with complete instructions and two real life examples of how it has helped others improve their performance and therefore their results.

Here is what it looks like:

Attribute   1 2 3 4 5 6 7

The Performance Grid © By Robert Hamilton The Mind Coach

First of all you list all the things that will help you reach excellence in your given field (Entrepreneurship, your job, your particular sport, business etc). In the left hand column you will see ‘Attributes’ this is where you take just 8 from your list that you think will help you get better results and enter them.

You can get the PowerGrid Tool including instructions right here free

With a coloured highlighter you then mark yourself accordingly. This is for your benefit. Be brutally honest with yourself.

Here is the scoring system;

  1. Simply not good enough or acceptable
  2. Below average
  3. Average
  4. Above average
  5. Great
  6. Outstanding
  7. Excellence

Your aim is to be able to highlight each attribute to 7, which is Excellence (Perfection should always be avoided). You review your scores about every 6 weeks. Then where you have made improvements, use a different colour highlighter and move your score along.

You can get the PowerGrid Tool including instructions right here free

Why Score to 7?

Most people put a score of ten when doing these kind of performance tools. I don’t like to. With only going to 7 it stops you from going half way and placing 5’s everywhere. This is so much better to monitor performance.

And this is why I suggested to be brutally honest with yourself.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This is not designed to ensure people make their weaknesses stronger. The only attributes you put on your PowerGrid are the ones that are critical to you increasing performance and getting better results.

For example, a sales executive may well need to do better at her filing, but is this crucial to closing more deals? The answer is no. Remember, when you download the tool, there are more detailed instructions and two real life case studies I have used with clients.

Increase Performance, Boost Your Results

The PowerGrid tool allows to you to chart your progress visually. It also allows the brain to see ‘wins’ by improving. The brain loves this and finds it addictive so it will naturally motivate you to do better and keep improving.

If you score yourself accurately and honestly you will benefit more.

Just the other week I was helping a footballer (Soccer) fill this in. When he had scored himself a two for crossing, it really brought it home how much he needed to improve this area if he was to reach his longer term goal of playing in the English Premier League.

There are more resources right here should you want further improvements.