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Top Performing Athletes Have a Mind Coach – Do You?

When those swimmers get in the pool, when everyone takes to the pitch, when the runners step to the starting blocks, the players take to the court or the competitors shake hands at the snooker table, the difference in ability is usually very little.

So what makes the difference? The mind. What is going on inside makes all the difference between winning more often and finishing 4th.

It doesn’t need me to tell you that an outstanding mind coach can increase your performance, minimise unforced errors and reduce tension and stress.

Equal Time Should Be Given to These 3 Areas to Perform at Your Peak (And Win More Often)

To perform at your peak more of the time and therefore get better and more consistent results in your sport, these 3 areas are critical. They should all have equal time spent on them.

  1. Skills
  2. Physical conditioning and fitness
  3. The mind or mental approach to your sport

More often than not, the athletes who don’t perform to their peak distribute the majority of their time between 1 and 2 and pay little attention to number 3.

British tennis player, Johanna Conta has soared up the women’s rankings. What does she put this down to? Her Mind Coach.

But as you know, number 3 is just as critical to success as numbers 1 and 2. The mind is that fine edge that makes all the difference.

Your Personal Mind Coach

As your personal mind coach I can help you get better results by helping you to perform at your peak and beyond so you can start setting your own personal records.

I have coached tennis players, footballers, a boxer and a junior go-kater to peak performance.

I can help you:

  • Remain focused
  • Manage and decrease pressure moments so you increase performance
  • Increase focus
  • Build rock-solid self-confidence
  • Reduce errors in performance
  • Unleash more of your inner potential
  • Use empowering self-talk when needed

And lots more.

So if you are serious about setting and smashing new personal records, raising your own bar and performing at your peak more of the time, then please get in touch.

I also conduct group coaching sessions for up to 4 athletes at a discounted rate.

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