With 2016 getting nearer and nearer I see a lot of people looking to the stars for guidance on how 2016 is going to pan out for them.

Well, I say guidance, it’s more about searching for what they want to hear. They want the Heavens to give them hope for the future.

And that’s what the billion dollar psychic industry will provide; glimmers of very short lived hope. I say short lived, because soon what they read will be forgotten. As soon as the celebrations are over and reality kicks in, all the promises of Mystic Magi won’t even be stored in their memories.

But the tarot readers, the palmists, the astrologers in New Year’s Eve Sunday magazines will be telling everyone that this a great year for you. The planets are aligned, the cards are looking good and the lines in your hand reveal a super year ahead.

And more often than not, to make it as realistic and as convincing as possible, they will also throw in a ‘warning’ ; something that you must heed.

I think it is all nonsense. And damaging.

If you want to predict your future, go and make some goals and then make them happen. Create it yourself.

And the worst of all these predictors of your fate is the impending fortunes in the Chinese New Year almanacs for Monkeys, Tigers and Pigs etc.

If you read any of those, some will say you have 3 years of bad fortune coming your way if you happen to be the wrong animal. If you are a believer in this form of fortune telling, a “prediction” like that can be psychologically damaging.

And the strange, almost paradoxical aspect of all this is I have found people seem to so easily forget the good stuff they are told and remember any bad stuff!

And then of course, through self-prophecy that can come true.

Your Number’s Up, Robert

A few years ago I remember being told by some guy when I was working and living in Kuala Lumpur, that I was about to hit 8 years of a no-money period, all due to my date of birth. 8 flipping years! Can you imagine the power of suggestion in that statement if I happened to believe in all that baloney?

Of course what could counteract all that misery was buying a silver number 3, on a solid silver necklace, for over £400, wearing it around my neck forever and all would be well.

No my friend, you don’t need to look to fortune tellers to see what kind of year you are going to have in 2016.

“I’ve bought a book on Feng Shui but I’ve not read it yet…so I don’t know where to put it” (Joke I read once)

If you want to ensure that next year is better than this year set yourself clear goals. Make a firm decision you are going to achieve them and then take the appropriate action to make them happen.

You are the master of your own destiny and you are not a slave to fate. I don’t care what the fortune tellers want to tell you.

But what do you believe? Are you guided by the stars, numerology or your animal sign?