Many people dream about living an awesome life…a life where they are in control…a life that is on their terms. A life they see those ‘other, fortunate folk’ living.

You know who they are (If you aren’t living yours yet). They are the people whose car is on the drive when you leave for work early…and it’s still there when you get back late. They seem relaxed, happy and content more often than not.

They must also love what they do. You never seem to hear them complaining anyway. They don’t appear stressed by being caught up in a job they loathe. You probably also see taxi’s picking them up 4 or 5 times a year, usually taking them to a new, exotic destination.

You probably wonder or ask yourself, what the hell do they do for a living? How come they can live like this? I know I used to ask myself these questions, and others, many times.

But these other folk are no more deserving or special than anyone else and that includes you. They don’t hold any long, lost secrets either. But they do something different.

They have worked on creating an awesome life for themselves. They have dedicated time and effort into making it happen.

And you can too.

I know that you have more than likely dreamed about creating a life of freedom and choice, doing what you love to do. Those dreams could still be alive and if not, I know they will be loitering somewhere in the background, beneath the surface of the life you are living now.

So what’s stopping you from creating your awesome life? Money? Opportunity? Fate? Your partner? The kids? Your boss? The economy? Your upbringing?

No my friend, none of these are stopping you. Only you are in the way of creating your life the way you want it. If you can accept that and take responsibility, that will be the first major step in changing it.

I know. I have used all those excuses too albeit a long time ago now. And my life sucked back then. It was miserable. But those dreams kept rearing their head in my mind. Finally, I decided to do something about it. I decided to create my own awesome life on my terms.

Sure I have had losses on the way. Potholes and pits; some of them dark and very deep. But I haven’t let them deter me from creating and living an awesome life.

It’s never too late to start. Why not decide, today, that you too will finally do something about the life you are now living (If you don’t like the way it is right now of course)? Why not take that first step now?

Remember, this life you are now living is not a dress rehearsal. You won’t be coming back for an encore either.

It is your one and only life.

Do something right now to change it. You have the power…and the choice.

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Your Awesome Coach,