Are There Shortcuts to Success?

So many people are looking for shortcuts to success. They want to achieve their wildest dreams in their life, business or work and they want to get there in the fastest time possible with the least amount of effort.

There are more web pages knocking about telling you that there are quick ways to get what you want. Most of these are a little far-fetched. However their headlines are very seductive…

Now and again you get those ‘sensible’ sites telling you there are no easy ways to get what you want in short-time.

So are there any shortcuts to get what you want? Can you really achieve your wildest dreams faster than lightspeed? Easier than everyone else? Or do you have to painfully trudge through quicksand to get there?

As much as it pains me, because I am an advocate of patience and effort to get what you want, there are faster and easier ways to achievement!

What You Can do to Get to Where You are Going Faster and Easier

Einstein said we should always look to make things simpler. I agree with this entirely.

On my seminars and workshops, in my books and even in my blogs I like to write, speak and give exercises that are simpler to use.

Think about it, if you are stuck, frustrated or need help getting from to A to H in your life, sport or business, the last thing you want is a complicated system or plan to get you there. If something is simpler to use then it takes less effort to master and it is faster to implement.

Success leaves BIG clues

That’s why I like to take complicated systems and make them simpler. This is not because I think or see myself as ‘superior’ to anyone else. Nor is it because I think people who hire me to help them or read my blogs are stupid or slow, far from it.

Simpler gets breakthroughs faster for my clients. So in that respect, if it gets you to where you want to go in less time, then that is a shortcut, is it not?

Another way to get what you want is to model somebody else who already has what you want.

Success leaves great clues. In fact success leaves footprints in the sand that lead directly to where you want to go. All you have to do is follow them or walk in them. This doesn’t mean you ‘become’ them. You should and must, keep your own unique identity.

Think about it, if you can model the how of someone else who has what you want, then you can just apply what worked or is working for them. You can avoid their mistakes and pitfalls. You then don’t have to suffer the same setbacks they once did.

Now surely that is a faster, easier way to get you the success you desire than going it alone?

Of course this does not mean that hardwork is not also required. But instead of it taking you 10 or 15 years to become a raging success, maybe you could do it in 50% or 75% (Or even less, depending on what it is you want to achieve) of the time it usually takes?

That will be up to you.

Robert is an published author, NLP Practitioner and Timeline Therapist™ and a Performance and Life Enhancement Coach (Dip). If you would like to be coached by Robert and get what you want faster and easier then please go here

Rob Hamilton

I am a published author and writer of several ebooks. Known as the Mind Coach, I help people unlock their true potential so that they can achieve their dreams and goals and perform better more of the time.

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Robert Hamilton

Robert Hamilton

Robert is a published author and expert mind coach. A certified NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapy™ and Life Enhancement Coach (Dip). Rob has studied the mind and performance for 30 years.

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