Anything Really Is Possible (What do you believe?)

My mantra, a saying I firmly believe in is, Anything really IS possible. I have this as a well-formed belief if you like. I remind myself of it on a regular basis; it inspires me.

Many people have trouble believing this concept. Their belief systems are different, which is okay of course, if those belief systems get them what they want. Sometimes, some people hit me with the ridiculous when I talk about achieving the impossible. They say such things as, ‘You can’t breath in space‘ or a 50 year old might quip, ‘I can’t break the the 800m record and run it in 1:40’ (Obviously not, but they could set a senior world record).

limiting beliefs

Not all beliefs you hold are true

 They go the extreme so that they can justify their own limiting beliefs.

Looking back through history it has always been the same. At one time it was impossible to sail around the world because you would fall off the end. It was impossible to travel at speeds above 50 mph because we would faint. Running a mile under 4 minutes was impossible; it was beyond human capabilities.  On and on the list goes.

Yet there has also been a bunch of people, thank goodness, that did believe in achieving the impossible and that still believe that anything really is possible, and carry on breaking records or achieving feats that others think are impossible.

(How many times has the atom been split?)

Maybe you have conquered your own Everest and overcome adversity or personal demons and have proven to yourself that for you, anything really IS possible. Good for you if you have. I admire you.

The limits we place on ourselves are more often than not, self-inflicted

Too many people in my opinion, really underestimate what they are truly capable of. If they only helped themselves to tap into their real potential they would surprise themselves beyond their dreams.

But that takes effort, hard work and grit. Again, too many people would rather slouch in front of the Tv and let other people live out their dreams for them on the screen. Put in some effort? No thanks.

Just yesterday I came across an article about retired rugby player Richard Parks whose career was cut short through injury. The premature ending of his playing career sent him into a deep depression. Rugby was his life and he struggled to cope with the new life that was unfortunately and cruelly forced upon him. 

richard parks a winner

Former Welsh International rugby star, Richard Parks

And if you think about it, through no fault of his own. He could have easily wallowed in self-pity and blame for many, many years. Maybe even for the rest of his life. But Richard is one of us who does believe that anything really IS possible. And he carries on proving it.

He has become an extreme environment athlete. Climbing mountains and crossing the Poles.

Anything Really IS Possible

In 2011 he became the first person to reach the highest summit on each of the world’s continents and the North and South Pole in the same calendar year.

In january this year, Richard Parks also became the fastest Briton to ski solo and unsupported from from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.

I like what he says in his interview (Emphasis by me);

“Announcing the challenge was scary. There was a lot more chance of failing than being successful. Nobody had even attempted it and many thought it was impossible. But anything we do that is outside our comfort zone can be a really positive experience and it’s important that people push themselves.

“What I did was testimony to what we can all achieve with belief, hard work and determination. That said, I just wanted to learn how to climb and get out of that dark place.”

Belief. Hard work. Determination. 3 other things I blog about on a regular basis too.

So How About You?

You don’t have to go and climb mountains or ski from Pole to Pole to start achieving the impossible. But you will need high amounts of self-belief, confidence and determination to win against your personal odds. And of course you will have to put in some effort called hard work. 

What may be your mountain might be my molehill and vice versa. It’s about achieving your ‘impossible’ not somebody elses

But you can do it too. Whatever is your summit you can climb it. Set some goals and ensure you have a couple that are going to stretch you. You will one day be able to plant your flag at the top of your peak and be over-flowing with a huge sense of personal fulfillment, both in your journey and destination.

If you need help, then ask. Get yourself a great coach who can help you achieve better results. 

You can achieve your 'impossible' too

You can achieve your ‘impossible’ too

What’s your alternative? Staying slumped in front of the Tv for the rest of your days or surfing Facebook for hours on end or watching cat videos? (Or however else you may idle away time)

Why not make a commitment today to change? Why not set yourself some goals? Why not start your trek to achievement? Or are you going to say your circumstances are different?

Remember, you weren’t born destined to fail. And neither did you leave the womb to live a life of below averageness. Neither do your past or present circumstances determine your future; unless you choose to let them.

Take the first step. Decide. You can do it. And I believe in you 100% that you can do it too.

And remember, anything really IS possible.

This blog references an article from the BBC website. If you want to read the full article you can do so here. Read the article

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