My purpose in life has changed. It is only a subtle change, but what I believe is a powerful personal shift.

This seismic shift has been brewing for some time. I have felt an inner pull to do my best to make a real dent in this world by helping even more people the best way I know how.

Although I have ‘coached’ people and I have to say very successfully, I am not really a coach. I have helped more clients simply by inspiring and motivating than I have by coaching.

Looking through all my clients that have come to me over the years, rereading most of my 246 blog posts, reviewing the seminars I have conducted in 14 major global cities I came to a startling conclusion:

I have transformed lives in a matter of minutes with the majority of my clients and attendee’s.

Of course some have had additional ‘coaching’ sessions from me to phenomenal and amazing success.

My Uncanny Ability

But I have an extraordinary ability. Forged in a fire of 52 years. And this gift I possess is;

I get into the minds of my clients within minutes, sometimes with a simple glance.

This gives me almost super human powers to just know exactly what inspiration somebody needs or what motivation is required to get them achieving.

rob hamilton new purpose and inspiring others

It is my duty to use this skill set to help others. And this is what I shall be doing from this day forth. Life is too short for you to not be living your purpose too.

Life is also too short to carry burdens around. Family arguments, relationship problems etc. So I shall apply my wisdom (What others say about me) to help others overcome their unique challenges.

I shall now be giving more affordable sessions too.

I would like to thank all my followers for bearing with me over the past couple of weeks as I have made changes to this site (The other was infected with bugs hence the recent change)

I will be posting virtually every day. Posts, quotes, nuggets of wisdom and oh, lots of videos coming soon too.

And taking my Anything Really IS Possible inspirational, motivational and life coping strategies seminar, back on the road and aiming at even more audiences.

Once again, thank you so much for sticking by me over the past few weeks and for all your emails, I have really appreciated your kindness.