Sometimes when you are pursuing your dreams it can seem like everything and everyone is against you. It can appear that each way you turn, the new promising strategy you implement in your business, your optimistic thinking and all your efforts are amounting to nothing.

Times like these can be daunting. They can make some people feel like giving up, throwing in the towel and others to even doubt that they are on the right path in the first place.

Thoughts of maybe this isn’t for me, or, this is not meant for me can enter the mind more often and linger for longer.


Sometimes the odds can appear to be stacked against you

Oftentimes, this can cause a lack of faith in ourselves and dent our otherwise healthy self-confidence in our abilities to achieve. These trials and difficult times cause too many people to give up on their dreams and settle for mediocrity.

And for others it wrongly forces them to change their goals and then repeat the same experience.

How many I wonder, have resigned themselves to a life of average and denied the world their unique talents and gifts because they haven’t persisted?

I know how trying times like this can be; I have kick-started my life twice before after having lost everything. And because I started with nothing, I have actually been through these hard phases, three times.

Even if you feel right now that all the odds are stacked against you let me assure you there is no sinister plot playing in the background of your life that is conspiring to work against you! 

So if you are going through such testing times, like getting your new business going, looking for a dream job, trying to get a big break or just chasing success in general then try these:

  • Don’t give up on your dream after a short space of time or at the sight of a second or third obstacle
  • Do something – no matter how small – each and every day towards what you want
  • Keep pressing forward…like the sculptor, keep chipping away
  • Keep believing in yourself
  • Watch for dips in your self-confidence and actively work on keeping it healthy

If you keep these easy steps in your consciousness (And act upon them) every day, you will answer the BIG question that is being asked of you by the powers that be.

You Are Being Asked a Defining Question…

God, life or the Universe (use whichever you believe in) is simply doing just that; asking you if this is what you really want. questions will be asked

Their questions come in the form of slow results (or none at all short-term), little progress, obstacles and other things thrown in your path that can look like deterrents or diversions.

They are simply testing your faith, your belief, your desire for what you say you want.

If you keep stopping-and-starting going for your dream, or quitting when faced with obstacles, these three omnipotent forces will just keep asking you bigger and tougher questions. And convincing them you really do want what you say you want, will get harder and longer.

The Great News is…

Once you have answered the questions from God, Life or the Universe by being persistent in your actions and retaining an unshakeable faith or belief, they will stop asking you!

Not only that, once you have passed their little (Or big) tests they won’t send you anymore (Until further growth is ready to take place).

God, Life or the Universe do not help people who play haphazardly at chasing their dreams or goals. But they champion the people who commit, persist and are enthusiastic about what they do

And, this is the game-changer: Pass these tests and they will start helping you. ‘Coincidences’ will appear as you travel your journey. Work or business will suddenly start finding you. Good fortune shines down on you in abundance.

Everything starts falling into place as if by magic.

Some call it luck, some call it serendipity, some call it an answer to their prayers.

I love obstacles and the bigger they are the more I like them. Why? Because to me the bigger the obstacle the greater the reward the will be. I know that my desire for what I want is merely being tested.

Frequent obstacles or setbacks I view as feedback. They inform me that I may need to increase my efforts and focus on my belief about what I want.

But remember, your belief on its own will not be enough.

The Bible says it very well that belief alone is not enough. In James 2 there are a few verses that refer to this. But I have gone with James 2:17;

Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

Action on its own will not suffice either.

But add faith (Belief) and the right action together and soon enough you will get your rewards. God, Life or the Universe will transpire to give you all the assistance you need!

Press forward. No matter how daunting things may look now. Remember, I have been through those times too. Your belief and action will soon pay dividends for you and more often than not, just when you need it most!

And your faith in what you are doing will be boosted…it’s a motivational circle.

You can do it. Don’t give up. Don’t deny yourself, and the rest of us, your unique talents, skills or abilities. You could very well be on the verge of ultimate success, the breakthrough you need or on the crest of a massive, belief-boosting and financially rewarding surge forwards.

Robert is a published author, NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist™, Life Enhancement  and Performance Coach. He helps people create their best ever life, more success and bigger results. He  also helps new coaches, mentors and therapists kick-start their business. Discover more here

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