How I Started Reading Minds

According to my elder sister and brother, I was subjected to my first “good hiding” at just 6 weeks.

I didn’t speak until I was almost 6 years old. I remember going to hospital and having tests to see if I was normal. I passed.

The hitting continued all through my childhood, along with severe psychological punishments, until I was 15, when I suddenly filled out and was able to say “No”.

I was a bed wetter until I was almost 14. It wasn’t nice going to school reeking of urine most days.

Sometimes, unless we “worked” we wouldn’t get fed. Punishments were severe, psychologically. Hitting, you can get used to, even when it is carried out by a riding crop or a wet towel with a knot tied in the end.

Some of those psychological punishments have stuck with me (and my remaining sister).

I never feel comfortable if somebody else is doing any kind of housework and I’m not. Or if someone has misplaced their phone or keys, I still find myself wanting to jump up and start looking in obscure places.

It was how I was conditioned.

I am so grateful for the constant smacking and punishments when I was growing up.

It accelerated my performance at reading people. I was taught, from two very good teachers, how to read facial expressions and body language.

If I knew the “mood” of my two “teachers” I would know how to act and how to avoid getting hit or punished.

So from before I had learned to speak, I was learning how to “read” the motives, intentions and moods of others through their facial expressions and body language.

My upbringing triggered a lifelong passion for watching people and studying what makes others tick or act the way do.

I often wondered why some people took offence to statements and others didn’t. Why some were some people well dressed and others not? And many other questions.

In my teens I was the guy people came to for advice. I just kinda knew how people were thinking and what the best action they could take would solve their problems or inspire them.

Negative Programming

I didn’t become ambitious until I was 27 so I consider my a later starter.

When I decided I wanted nicer things in life and more money I went into door-to-door sales. It was the only thing I could do, that I could see at the time, as I only had one O level in English.

I worked hard for 3 years but the money didn’t come, even though I made progress up the ladder.

It was then that I realised that it is what we think most of the time that is a direct result of success and performance.

My negative conditioning, especially concerning money and self-worth for getting it, influenced what jobs I did.

My Quest For Success, The Better Story Begins

To reverse this negativity, I learned all I could about the mind, including the unconscious mind, how our brains work, what determines success, earning good money and popular psychology of winning.

I devoured book after book on self-development.

I listened to subliminal tapes on wealth, self-worth and success. I taught myself self-hypnosis and how to use creative visualisation. I plastered positive affirmations everywhere.

After one year, I had reprogrammed my mind for success and money.

The Success Began

I started achieving my wildest dreams. I earned a high six figure income and travelled the globe. I was headhunted and produced outstanding results in my work.

I had new cars and a six bedroom mansion all ensuite. I only ever wore branded clothes.

I became a group business director and a CEO.

I was living my ideal, dream lifestyle.

Like the fuel for a car, the mind must be refilled with positivity, inspiration and motivation, often.

Then It All Fell Apart

I lost everything to a series of unfortunate events. A business I started collapsed. I got divorced and literally lost everything.

I suffered depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I even suffered a mini-stroke.

robert d hamilton author

I published this after beating depression

It was this time of immense hardship and adversity that I realised that for those of us who have not been raised in a high self-worth or ‘rich’ environment (Most of us haven’t) that self-development, keeping high levels of self-worth, confidence and positivity is an ongoing process.

Now I work when I want to work. I am not as focused on money anymore but prefer the freedom to choose where and when I work.

Brands, flashy cars and big houses are no longer the # 1 focus in my life.

Removing the mental blocks that are stopping people use their full potential is my #1 passion and purpose in life.

Removing mental blocks and giving personalised strategies that will directly influence the individual person I am coaching, is now my #1 focus.

I am so happy and totally stress free.

People who come to get inspired, motivated or answers to life’s curveballs, often wonder how I know what they are thinking.

It is 52 years of meticulously studying and watching people that has enabled me to “read the minds” of others and know just what they need when they need it.

Exceptional Life Learning Experiences…

Here is a list of some relevant life stuff I have experienced over the years. These have produced my phenomenal story. I am so grateful that each one happened.

You could say it is what gives me my (Super) reputation of inspiring, motivating and sharing wisdom with others.

Here’s my story in bullet form.

  • I went from nothing and climbed the corporate ladder to CEO
  • Strutted from dead-end job to dead-end job in my 20’s
  • Fell victim of severe depression in my mid 40’s
  • Beat severe depression (without drugs)
  • Was a hairs breath away from hanging myself (Had the sheets tied round my neck)
  • Suffered a total lack of self-confidence, belief and self-worth
  • I believe living our purpose and passion is a duty not a goal
  • I once read tarot cards and palms to make ends meet (I was very good but I am not psychic. It was ability to ‘read’ people)
  • Was a privileged guest speaker at the highly acclaimed Napoleon Hill International Convention
  • Struggled to earn a good income for over 3 years, despite working all hours
  • Lost everything twice in my life
  • Have appeared on Live TV and radio
  • One job I had was putting 3 berries on cakes for 10 hours a day


robert d hamilton speaking napoleon hill

With Dr. Hill after speaking.


  • Wrote a book and got it published at age 50
  • Made tons of mistakes in life, some costly
  • The general consensus is I am a ‘wise person’
  • Discovered how to control panic attacks (It’s a small residue left over from depression)
  • Conducted my Anything Really is Possible inspirational and motivational seminar to thousands of people in 14 major global cities
  • I am funny but more a one line guy rather than a joke teller
  • Have devoured about 3, 000 books on self-development
  • Been homeless twice in my early life
  • Achieved one ‘O’ level at school
  • Was told frequently, “I could do better in school and would never amount to anything” by teachers
  • Reprogrammed my mind for success and to earn money
  • Travelled to some exotic, beautiful and inspiring places on the planet
  • I believe in God
  • I worked for some real uninspiring bosses
  • Discovered how to ‘master my mind’
  • Co-run a successful digital marketing business (Now)
  • Had to manage and coach some very difficult employees
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